It’s HIS Story, NOT mine!

I’ve always thought that your testimony was your story. You know, you tell everyone how you grew up (like-I grew up in a Christian home…) and then you proceed to tell them when you accepted Christ and it seems to be YOUR story. In some sense, I guess it is. But it’s definitely more than that. In spiritual formation class a couple days ago, my teacher said something like our testimonies are really HIS story. It’s true. When you think about it, I am nothing without Christ. Why do we so often try to take His story, and somehow make it our own? Yes, we are involved in His Story, but only because He has written us into it. We have done absolutely nothing to deserve that. When we share our testimony, we tell all about us and then, because we’re “good” Christians, we insert something like: “And Oh yeah, Jesus is in there somewhere…” We mention His name in our testimony, but that’s about it. 

What would we live like if we actually believed this? I wonder…if we actually acted like He is all I need. He is literally our everything. Just a thought. 

I know this was kind of short and probably a little dis-connected, but hopefully it at least somewhat made a little sense! Instead of starting our testimonies by telling everyone about US…what if we started by telling them about GOD and what HE did for us, and then work into that our personal experiences and what He has done for us, personally? 


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