I was always so frustrated in high school. It felt like every day was the same…such a routine! Now, maybe you love routines, but for me…that’s just stifling! I hated it. I was also frustrated that school took up literally all day (except for when I was at basketball, soccer, or volleyball practice or games) so I had no time to pursue anything that actually interested me because school did NOT interest me, of course. I wonder if smart people actually enjoy school? That’s something that I would know nothing about because I have never classified myself as smart. At least not in school. I don’t think 

the only way of being smart is getting good grades in school, however. I don’t know…that’s just a random thought of mine. But anyway, I was (and still am) frustrated at high school in general. I mean…who decides that this stuff is good for us anyway? Who says we have to “learn” this stuff? I know that we need the basics of subjects to get by in life, but do we really need to go into as much depth as we do? Actually, college so far as been the same way…I wouldn’t advise taking all general education classes, because I hate it. It’s like high school all over again…but harder. Why can’t we start learning more about who we are (individually) when we are in, say, Junior High. Then we can start to figure out our God-given passions and talents and then by high school we can already start learning the things that really matter to us. Sure, we’d probably have to take basic courses in subjects that we don’t care about, but why can’t we take classes that we love so that we can actually become good at something and actually enjoy life? Because who really learns what we don’t care about anyway? You “learn” it for the test and then completely forget everything that you don’t use and everything that doesn’t have any meaning for your life. I mean, you can’t possibly remember everything that they throw at you anyway! I can’t wait until I actually find a direction for my passions and talents and, ultimately, my life. It will actually give everything meaning and it will help me to know that I am actually working towards something!

So, if you have ever felt the way that I have…just believe that God has made you for a reason and He has your future already planned out, even when you don’t have any idea what your next step should be…believe me, I’m there right now. I know it’s pretty dark frustrating that I didn’t have any time previously to discover what I love to do and to get good at it, I guess I can start now! 




2 thoughts on “Frustrations…”

  1. I know that this is a little late in responding to this post, Emily. But I thought that I would share a few thoughts about why studying things that we aren’t particularly interested in (such as gen ed classes) can be beneficial. While I agree with you that it is wonderful to be able to pursue God-given talents and interests, I have also found it helpful to have to study some subjects that are not my favorite (like math and science) because they help me to have a little bigger picture of who God is. Just to give a few examples, I think that studying math gave me a little better picture of how God created order in the universe and studying biology helped me realize a little bit more how amazing and creative our God is. I know that it can feel frustrating to study things that you don’t enjoy and think that you will never use. But perhaps, instead of hating it, maybe you can try to think “what can I learn from this class about God or about how He made his creation.” And then maybe that gen ed class will help you worship just a little bit better than before. Worship is what we were made for, so getting a little better at it is always worth it!

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