A Beautiful Mess

Verse one:

Out of the confusion, I cry out to you God

Out of this chaos, I run to You


Verse two:

Out of this dry place, when I’m not sure where to go

Out of this mess, you can make something beautiful



Through all of my pain, through all of my tears, through everything that I have messed up

Through all of my past, through all of my future

You’re making it beautiful, you’re making it beautiful-

A beautiful mess


Verse three:

Out of complication, I ask for peace

Out of past regrets, I can now let go




I have spent so much time wondering where you want me to go

I have spent so much time talking to you, but not listening

I have made such a mess of things tryin’ to do it on my own

You have everything under control, so I’m letting go




^That is my newest original song called A Beautiful Mess, for obvious reasons. That’s what my life seems to be as of lately…messy, imperfect, crazy, complicated [the list could go on] But God is making this beautiful and He has a plan [that I do not see yet!] Interestingly enough, I wrote this song before some more things happened and I didn’t realize how closely this fit my situation until I was playing it a couple days ago. God gave me those words [not that they’re that great of lyrics…but they fit my situation better now than they did when I wrote it, even]. Then, again before some things happened, I was talking to God and I sensed that He was telling me to let go and leave everything up to His perfect timing. I’d say that’s pretty clear 🙂 Not easy, but clear what He’s trying to tell me anyway. 

I really, truly believe that it is the messy, imperfect times that make life beautiful. God makes them beautiful, even when all we see are the broken pieces, he sees beauty and he restores us and redeems us. 

It’s late and I’m exhausted [I played volleyball for probably about 3 1/2 hours straight today after a long day of homework…] so I can think of nothing more of interest to say, so I’ll write some other time…when I next have the chance 🙂 


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