Etched and Sketched on my mind

Here is the next part of my “Short Story” (I’m not really sure if that’s the right genre, which is why I put it in quotations lol). Sorry I took so long to write more of this, but if you missed any of the parts go back and read those first! 

Etched and Sketched on my mind:

I crept along the hallway and, before I knew it, I found myself at another door on the right side of the hallway. I looked back at the King, who stood right behind me. He nodded, so I touched the door handle and turned it before walking into the room. This room was dark and had the same eerie lighting as the hallway. It felt big and empty. My footsteps echoed on the cold stone floor. When the King shut the door behind us, the door sounded loud in the unbearable silence.

“What does this room do?” I whispered in the silence. The King didn’t say anything, but instead He stared straight ahead. All of the creepy lights went out. It was pitch black. My body tensed.

Suddenly there was a light so blinding in a corner of the room, that I had to shield my eyes from it. I finally mustered up the courage to take my hands away from my eyes and squinted at the bright light. It seemed to be a sort of spotlight. Eventually my eyes adjusted to the bright light and I could see what was happening. One by one, more spotlights turned on, all over the room. I spun around, trying to look at them all…wondering what was happening. During all of this, the King was silent. He looked around at the spotlights, but I knew that He already knew what would happen. Then he looked at me as if to encourage me to look closer at each individual spotlight. I crept towards the first bright light. As I got closer, my vision got clearer, like a camera focusing in on something. I could see a room. It looked exactly like one of my best friends’ rooms. It had the tan carpet, the clean desk, and the tangled and Hunger Games posters on the wall. Kara’s room. Then three girls walked into the room, laughing and talking all at the same time. They sprawled on the floor and grabbed a couple books. I watched the three girls (they looked quite like Kara, my other best friend, Katie, and I) open the books and read for a while, then they would talk for a long time. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I remembered that time quite well. We called them Jesus Dates.

I turned to talk to the King, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. So I looked at the next spotlight. I didn’t want to look at this one. As soon as I saw what was starting to happen, I wanted to back away or at least look away. But I couldn’t. It seemed to have entranced me so that I couldn’t move until I had seen what I needed to. So I was forced to watch. In this spotlight, I was crying and hugging someone goodbye. I didn’t need to see his face. I knew who it was. I remembered that time well. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. I knew that it was very possible that I would never see him again. Or, worse, he would quickly move on and forget about me as soon as he drove away. He held me tightly and at least acted like he didn’t want to leave me. But he had too. Eventually we backed away and I got in my car. He got in his, and he drove away.

I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes, so I tried to turn away. I could move this time, so I walked away from that spotlight. At all of the other spotlights I caught other glimpses of my past…some were happy, some sad, some exciting, some fun, some depressing. My life was literally flashing before my eyes. I felt so many emotions in that small space of time that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Suddenly all of the spotlights clicked off at the same time. Before I could get nervous about how dark it was, soft lights lit up the room and the King was the only other person that I could see. He stood a few feet from me and I ran to Him.

He smiled at me.

“What was all of that? Why did you show me that?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

He gently placed his hand on my shoulder. “You recognized those events?”

I nodded slowly.

“You have been holding onto your past too tightly, Dear Child.”

“I have?”

The King nodded, his eyes still captured a smile. “You need to learn to completely let go of your past. Give it all to me. You have said that you have let go of your past and given it over to me, and I know that you truly have tried to do so. But you haven’t completely surrendered everything to me yet. You still cherish those memories that you should let go. Believe me, it is only holding you back. If you would trust me enough to give them over to me, I have so much better plans for you!”

Tears slid down my face. “I-I’ve really been trying, my King. Why is it so hard to just let go of things?”

The King had a small, almost sad smile on His face when he gently placed his hand under my chin and lifted my head so that I could see His face. I knew that He understood. His eyes spoke what His mouth did not. “I know that it is not easy for you, Child. It is not easy for most people. But it is necessary.” After a pause, He whispered, “Trust me.” He wiped my tears from my face and put his arm around me. “The next room will be hard for you. It is connected to parts of this room, so much so that we don’t go back out to the hallway like before. There is a door in this room that connects us to the next place. Just remember that I am always here for you and, even though you will not enjoy this, you will learn much about yourself and about how to completely let go and trust me. Are you ready?”

I breathed a long, shaky breath and wiped the rest of my tears away. I was almost afraid of what awaited us in the next room but, when He offered his hand to me, I slid my small hand into His rough, capable hand and knew that He would truly be there with me. With the King beside me, I took a step toward the door which led to another room. 


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