{Day Six} Idols

If you have been following along for my latest blog entries, you have probably figured out that I have been reading through “sacred Singleness” by Leslie Ludy. If you have been reading my blog entries instead of simply passing over them, my guess is you are a Single woman who has been feeling a lot of the same things that I have. If you’re not, you’re obviously still welcome to read my random thoughts and my response to Leslie Ludy’s book. But if you are a Single Young Woman with a heart for God, I welcome you to join in on my adventure in seeking God’s best for our lives. Not settling for good or better, but striving for the absolute best!

Isn’t it funny how we can have good desires, even desires that seem (and may actually be) desires that line up with God’s desires? But when we take those desires too far, they can actually become idols! Leslie Ludy defines what Idolatry really is:

     “Anything that captures our heart, time, focus, and affection above Jesus Christ is an idol in our life.” I think that it is easy for us to think of Idols as stone statues that people bow down too, because that is what the idols often were in the Bible, but not all the time. We can so easily focus all of our attention on ‘finding the right guy’ so that we obsess over it, and then it actually does become an idol in our lives.

As I’ve said before, the desire for a guy isn’t wrong and is actually natural and a gift from God. It’s our response to those desires that make a difference.

I admit that I have made guys (specific guys and guys in general) idols in my life. Even after letting go of my desire to have a guy right now, that doesn’t mean that I will completely give up my desire for a guy or to be married someday. But, it does mean that I will put those desires in the right perspective. I have said this in previous entries, I am sure, but it’s still true. If God wants me to have a guy right now, I would have one. Obviously it’s not supposed to happen right now. Maybe it is supposed to happen to some of my friends right now, though. That is what seems to be most difficult for me a lot of the time…when my close friends all start dating, and I’m left “alone” (a.k.a. Single) my self-pity starts shouting at me. But just because it seems to be God’s plan for my friends at this time, that doesn’t mean that it’s time for me!

Anyway, God’s got it all figured out and I am quite glad that I don’t have too! It’s WAY too complicated and confusing for me to figure out by myself! Right now, since it’s obvious that it is God’s plan for me to be in a season of Singleness (or several of them), I need to start focusing my attention most of all on Christ and what He has in store for me and how I can further His Kingdom here on earth. Also, I need to remember that the Christian guys in my life are simply my friends and brothers in Christ because that is always a blessing! Where are my Single Ladies? Who’s with me? Lay down those Idols in front of the cross and simply walk away. Because remember, if God wants Him to be in your life, He’ll direct the guy’s life to cross yours and it’ll happen in a beautiful love story expertly crafted by the most amazing author ever known. 



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