His Presence

The light, late-summer breeze gently blew back her blonde hair from her face. She sat on a swing in her backyard. She felt empty. Ready to give up in some areas of life. She felt defeated. She felt like a failure. She felt like all she could do was fail. That’s when she cried out to her heavenly Father. She didn’t even know what she wanted to talk to Him about. She talked. She listened. She poured out her heart to His ever-listening ear. She told Him her struggles, her sin, her past, her hope for her future. She gave him everything, again (it is such a daily struggle!). She (again) released her life, her plans, her dreams, her earthly possessions over to His strong, capable arms. She finally realized that everything was far too complicated and confusing and BIG for her to handle by herself. She released the death-grip of the pen of her life, and released everything to the One who gave her life

Tears of gratitude and thankfulness welled up in her eyes as she began to think of everything that He has faithfully given her…things that she daily overlooks and thinks nothing of. Even the things she complains about. Other people are not so fortunate. Other people go without. Without food, proper clothes, shoes, toys, etc…’why isn’t that me?’ She stares up at the cloudy night sky. ‘What have done to make my life so much better than someone else’s?’ His still, small voice never failed to answer. ‘You haven’t done anything, Child. And I haven’t given you all of this stuff to hoard it. I gave it to you to give it away. Bless others, like I have blessed you. What I have given you isn’t yours anyway, so why do you hold onto my gifts so tightly? Let them go, and will bless you, My Daughter.‘ She closed her eyes, feeling the light breeze on her face, imagining God speaking to her in person. 

She couldn’t explain why, but after talking with her God for about twenty minutes, she felt so filled and complete and content and joyful. Even after she sensed him telling her to not hold onto ‘her stuff’ so tightly. She knew that His plans were far bigger and better than her dreams, so who was she to stand in His way? As she stood up from the swing and walked towards her welcoming house, she smiled as she glanced up at the sky again, where she imagined God smiling, glad that they had talked just like she was. She really felt God’s presence


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