Set You Free

I truly amaze myself. Not in a good way, obviously. Haha…you probably read that and thought, “wow, she arrogant” or something like that. lol. But no, what I mean is this: Why can’t I just freaking trust God all the time, every day? Some days I feel like I can so easily trust Him with everything. I am so peaceful and content and ready to take everything to Him and that is my first thought when something goes wrong or if I just want to talk to someone (to talk to Him!). But then there are other days when I struggle so much with everything and I don’t even remember to talk to God about it! Did I just admit to that? Yeah, I admit I’m a horrible Christian…or maybe I’m just human. Maybe I’m not the ‘perfect’ Christian girl that some people probably tag me as after all. 

Faith vs. Fear

Fear is the opposite of faith. Because if you have faith in God and trust that His plan is far better than yours, then you won’t be afraid of anything! I am oh, so quick to doubt and so quick to be fearful! It is so easy to be afraid of so many things, while I find it very difficult to just give it all to God, once and for all, and just have faith! Fears constantly crowd in around me. Fears about the future; fears about guys, etc. Maybe I’m the only one, but that’s where I stand. But I know that Faith is the choice that I should take, as opposed to fear! I have a couple amazing friends who encouraged me (and still do!) to take a certain situation that I found myself in to God every time that I thought about the situation or the person. Every time I thought about it, they told me to pray about it. I tried. Sometimes I failed. But I kept reminding myself (and they did too) and it slowly became a little easier! I can’t tell you how much that helped me! Even if I didn’t feel like it was solving the situation right away, He gave me peace when I started freaking out. Because, believe me, I had many freak out moments! lol As my best friends could tell you!! But God was there. And He has been working on healing me. It didn’t just take a day or two. It has taken a couple months so far, and I wouldn’t say that I am completely healed yet. It takes time. But I am on my way, thanks to Christ! I have my setbacks. I have the times when I fall down and I look around and I can’t seem to find a way to stand up. But that’s when I cry out to God and He will reach down through my hurt and confusion and fallback, and lift me out of that. Sometimes He won’t just lift me completely out, all at once. Sometimes it’s slower…He wants me to learn from everything that I have gone through. Sometimes it’s painful, but I know that I can still trust Him. 

When I started writing this, this wasn’t really the direction that I saw it going…lol, but hey, I’m just gonna let my thoughts take me where they will I guess :p haha

Anyway, hope this was encouraging to someone out there tonight (: Am I alone in this? Shout it out, woman of FAITH! You no longer have to be trapped by fear, for God can truly set you free! 🙂


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