The gift

I was reading “Lady in Waiting” today at work (because I worked late morning and through the afternoon and we weren’t very busy)…so I read a couple chapters. I wished that I could blog right there, but I couldn’t. The author talked a lot about how girls often try to manipulate a situation in order to get the ‘guy of their dreams’. Girls try to make themselves available and try to make it seem like they ‘just happened’ to be at the right place at the right time. Not always. But sometimes. I’ve been guilty of doing that, or at least thinking about doing that. And chances are, you have done it too. But think about it…

Dear Single Ladies, God is calling you to be single today. It doesn’t necessarily mean that He has called you to a life of Singleness forever, but it does mean that He has called you to be single today. So, how are you going to react? The way that I see it, is you can see this season of singleness two ways…

1) A burdon. A trial. A horrible time of life. A time to be afraid that God will never bring ‘The One’ into your life. A time of bitterness and loneliness. 


2) A gift. A season of life that you will never again have. Chances are, God has called you to meet a great guy some day and get married. But that day is not today. You will never again have as much freedom as you do right now! You have much more free time now then you probably ever will again! 

I don’t know about you, but I think that Satan delights to attack us where we are our weakest. For you, it might be the dreaded date-less friday night again. Or something to do with being single. He loves to see us discontent where God has placed us. I have bought into the lies that the first reaction lays before me. Maybe you have too. But, here’s the beauty of Christ: It’s never too late to turn around! It’s never too late to confess our sins, wether you went too far in a relationship, or if it’s just confessing for letting the ugly seed of discontentment grow where God’s best for you is for right now. God wants you to find security and joy in Him today. Tomorrow isn’t my problem. 

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrowwill be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6:34)

The author of “Lady in Waiting” also talked about not fantasizing about a certain guy. That doesn’t help anything. It often helps you get your heart involved far too soon, and I think that was part of my problem last time. It is very easy to allow your mind to ‘dream’ about your ‘dream guy’ that you just met, or just went on a first date with, or just hung out with, or thought that he finally started liking you before drifting off to sleep. I never thought about how harmful that can be, but now I can see that it really can be! 

So, I have made the commitment to pray about whoever the guy may be before I allow myself to get all caught up in the possible future. Even when I start to think about a possible guy, I will try my best to pray about it first and not let myself get carried away by anything. 

So anyway, my fellow Ladies in Waiting, I am excited to finally say that yesterday I made huge steps in moving on. And I am so excited to see where God will lead me this year as college is going to start this coming week! I believe that He has amazing plans for me if I would just stop being so stupid and stop trying to live life my own way, by my own rules! I need to just stop manipulating situations with wrong motives, and love my brothers and sisters in Christ and see what God reveals to me this year (: 

Keep calm and CU around! (:




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