All these little things

I realized that sometimes I tend to get way too focused on the future…that I forget to enjoy TODAY! Right now, I’m just tired…tired of these classes and tired of doing homework (though I am extremely blessed in that I really don’t have that much to do!). I am very much so looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks (especially Christmas, because then I literally CANNOT do any homework and I’ll be DONE with this semester!) And while looking forward to things in the future is definitely not a bad thing, it can become a bad thing if that is all that we’re focused on. 

There are so many little, beautiful things that we so often overlook because we simply aren’t looking for them! I pretty much wish the days and weeks away, waiting for a special day or week or whatever that I am looking forward too! 

So, if you’re there right now too…I would encourage you to simply enjoy today. Simply enjoy the little things. See the beauty that is there if you look a little deeper and harder. Never wish away a day or week because you will never get this time back and you will miss it [even though it doesn’t seem like it right now].