God Makes Beautiful Things

Imagine with me for a moment that we are sitting at the cutest, tiniest coffee shop together. We both just ordered and sat down at a small table next to the window which overlooks the tiny town. The shop is fairly quiet. I smile at you as I take a sip of the frozen Mocha that I love so much. You seem to be struggling with the right words to get your feelings across. I sit there silently until you finally burst out with:

“I can’t take this anymore!” 

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but that probably wasn’t it. I sit back and ask,

“What do you mean?”

You toy around with your straw before looking up at me. I can see the pain written there.

“I’m so tired of being so…broken! I feel like I can’t do ANYTHING right. I repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over again, even though I truly know better. I find that adjusting to change isn’t as easy as I once thought it was. I find it hard to trust in God and that makes me feel like a horrible person! I feel different kinds of pressure every where that I look and it’s really starting to get to me.”

I let you talk until you ran out of words. I sit there in silence for a moment until you look at me and wonder why I’m not saying anything. I smile before saying,

“I’m right there with you, sister!”

I laugh. You do not join because you do not really think it’s funny that I’m going through the same things too and have nothing helpful to say about it! I wasn’t finished, however.

“Do you know that God makes beautiful things?”

You roll your eyes.Yeah, Yeah, I’ve heard this all before…You’re probably thinking…Psalm 139 and all of that

“Do you know that God has made YOU beautiful?”

You shrug your shoulders, wondering what this has to do with anything that you just said. 

“I guess…”

I continue, unfazed: 

“Knowing that you’re beautiful and actually believing it are two completely and totally different things…”

You cut in, frustrated that I’m not even talking about your problems:

“Okay I’m sorry, but how does this have anything to do with what I was talking about…?”

I hold my hand up and take another sip of coffee. 

“I’m just trying to get to the real issue, here…”

I say.

“The real issue? What is that supposed to mean? Doesn’t every girl have issues with beauty?”

You are getting confused and more frustrated. My goal was not to anger you, so I quickly continue…

“No, honey. But I believe it is part of it…and yes, every girl has issues with her outward appearance, I think. God made us that way. That’s not entirely the point that I am trying to make right now, however. I think part of what you’re really struggling with under it all are the lies that you have been believing. Maybe the pressure you’re feeling is because you feel like they want you to be more. do more. have more. be better., etc… Let me tell you sister, YOU DON’T! Cuz I’m pretty sure God loves you literally EXACTLY the way you are (because He kind of made you that way, hun!)…and isn’t His approval the only one that we should seek?!”

I stop to take a breath and let it sink in a little. You look deep in thought as you clutch your coffee in both hands.

“I think another good thing to do would be to change your perspective on things. I know, that’s easier said than done, more often than not! But yes, you are broken. You are not perfect. Neither am I…neither are the people who seem to frown on you because of that, btw! Life is never going to be perfect and you are always going to broken, in this life. Best embrace it, right?! God makes beautiful things. God makes things beautiful! Even when all we can see is our brokenness and imperfections, I believe God can also see the beautiful. Life is messy, but that’s also part of what makes life beautiful. Develop the character trait of being able to laugh when things don’t happen the way that you expected. That’s what makes memories anyway, right?”

You nod slowly, taking it all in. I can see the wheels turning as you take another sip of your coffee. We talk a while longer, then, because of time restraints, we are forced to leave the comfortable, safe coffee shop and go our separate ways. Although it always seems too short, I always leave a coffee date feeling refreshed and encouraged and I hope you do, too!


Alright, so that situation was hypothetical, but it could definitely be very real. That was just a quick, kind of random blog of my thoughts…and it’s getting late so I’m kind of tired and I don’t feel like re-reading it, so if there are mistakes, I’m sorry :p haha 


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