{Beauty| Feel It&Believe It}

I have decided to write a ‘Beauty’ series, so to speak. This series will be about believing that you really are beautiful and that God did not mess up when He made you. Lately I have been extremely self-conscious and desperate for people, especially guys (yes, even if I didn’t like them…I just wanted guys to find me desirable…I really sound like a dork now, don’t I!) to compliment me on my looks, mostly, though also on what I love to do (a.k.a volleyball).

Yesterday I really felt convicted of this. I mean, don’t you think God knew exactly what He was doing when He made me? He doesn’t make mistakes!! I have to get that through my head and let it seep into my heart and I’m guessing you do too.

Here’s the thing: I am so tired of tearing myself down. I am so tired of allowing the enemy to trap me in bondage instead of letting God’s truth set me free. I am so tired of being so depressed about what I look like because I think that I will never measure up to all of the other girls around me. It really is just that…depressing. And I don’t think that is what God wants me to do. I think He wants me to enjoy the life that He has given me and I think that starts by enjoying the fact that He made me, ME!

As you are reading the truths that will follow in this series, you may get discouraged. You might feel like you just can’t believe these things yet. That’s okay. Because I have a feeling I will constantly be struggling with that even as I write about it. But my desire is to speak truth into your lives and I hope that you can grasp onto it and start to believe it eventually…just as I hope that for myself.

“Beauty is what you feel about yourself, not about how you see yourself in the mirror.”

When you look in that mirror, what do you see? I mean honestly…what do you see? Could it be that you can only see how horrible your hair looks today? It just won’t do anything that you want it to do today! Even your makeup just isn’t working for you today…you dragged yourself out of bed ten minutes later than you should have, only to find yourself rushing around, trying to cut corners to make up for those lost ten minutes. At least you got your coffee!! Hopefully…So often I think we define how beautiful we are by how we think other people see us. They probably don’t even see us the way we think they do!

I am rather silly sometimes…this has happened more than once for me. I’ll be throwing my hair back into a ponytail in a bathroom at school before heading to the gym to play some volleyball. Maybe I’ll add a headband, or, more than likely, I forgot one (again). I’ll look in that mirror and I will seriously think I look sooooo bad…like worse than normal! Like really ugly! Finally I’ll just give up and leave the bathroom so I don’t have to look at myself anymore…but then when I get home at around 11 at night and look in the mirror in my room, I swear I don’t look that bad. I mean, I don’t look hot, by any standard, but I at least look decent! I mean, I looked like I just played volleyball, but I don’t really look as terrible as I thought I did at school. That just shows me how much I worry about what other people think about me…what do they see when they look at me?

Well, Ladies…I think one of the first steps in this journey of discovering who we really are and believing that we are beautiful is this:

1. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks of us!

I want to take back the joy that I allowed Satan to pry from my heart. And I think it starts with loving who we are, not comparing ourselves to everyone else and wanting to be someone else, and not worrying about what everyone else might be thinking!

Going back to the quote that I had near the beginning, beauty really is a feeling. If you feel good, you’re going to act prettier! I know it is a little cliche (but saying are cliche for a reason…) but Beauty really does come from the inside, first. That’s nothing against being beautiful on the outside. Heck, if God had wanted women to be ugly, He would have made us that way, right?!!

This post is getting sort of long, so I’ll just leave it with that for now. If this encouraged you at all, please comment and share with others! If you have any favorites quotes and bible verses that you want me to add into one of these posts, please comment!