{Project 365} Day 4

Day Four: |Still a Kid

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Wind gently blowing back your tangled hair. Sunshine streaming through the green pastels and darker green tree leaves above. Laughter. That feeling of being F R E E! Swinging as high as you dared until the whole swing set rocked with you, yet you kept swinging your short legs faster and faster, trying to see how high you could go! You felt as if you were almost flying! The best was when it was fall and you raked up a gigantic pile of leaves in front of the swing set and then, after swinging as high as possible, you would release your grip from the swing and literally fly through the air until you landed on a soft pile of leaves. Leaves tangled in your already messy hair, but you didn’t care. You just laughed and exclaimed that you wanted to do it again!

I wish that we could get some of that childish thinking back. Children are so great with enjoying the smallest things in life. If only we stopped to enjoy those tiny moments that we usually pass right on by without a second thought…maybe we would have a greater appreciation for what we really have. I believe that it is really the little moments that make life so special…it doesn’t always have to be the big stuff that makes a difference!


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