{Project 365} Day 8

Day Eight: | It’s a Beautiful Life

I can’t lie. Summer filled with two jobs, neither of which is particularly exciting, has not contributed to a super fun, exciting summer.  I have to try to work around 2 different work schedules if I want to do anything else, which isn’t always that easy to do…but I can’t ask off very often because I need the money from both jobs to pay for living on Campus next year, mainly. Honestly what I WANT to do is travel…anywhere, it really doesn’t matter! I want to go on crazy adventures and take tons of pictures with a small group of friends and just            l i v e  l i f e and have some fun!

But I don’t think very much of that is going to happen this summer. Maybe it will in the future, though! And maybe I can keep working on fitting fun things in around work and church stuff…

This is what I’m up to at work:

photo (14)

Reading “Insurgent”…which is actually a good book…but I’m not really that into reading right now (I think Theology 2 kind of burned me out on that one…)

photo (13) photo (12)photo (17) photo (16)


Answering phones (remember I have a phone-phobia??)…washing, drying, folding towels…

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

And cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning machines…all the time LOL.

But last night a friend reminded me that I can still have a fun day, even in the midst of a rather boring routine (I’m not very fond of a set routine in general…). I can have a beautiful life even while washing towels and cleaning machines and sitting at a desk for hours with nothing better to do than read. Because God can still teach me things and show me things through all of this and this really isn’t a bad job…it could be so much worse!



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