{Project 365} Day 11

Day Eleven:| {Family} Shaeffer

10410329_693819360666263_2972126141798739153_n 10268576_693819350666264_2152254496429729967_n 10346363_693819477332918_8433849574570756017_n 10330233_693819530666246_7895947174348018363_n 10501857_693819600666239_6652785174617809978_n 983724_693819740666225_8501798566851475992_n 10341591_693819830666216_5350090267829510098_n 10457861_693819843999548_532325937205328359_n 10455759_693820000666199_1212132324465190489_n 10444610_693820337332832_8598669657149102315_n 10460118_693820423999490_673109397750451941_n 10513352_693820420666157_6209592413994440779_n 10438923_693820817332784_6678775580391311337_n


The other day I had the opportunity to take pictures of the Shaeffer family. I had so much fun and I think the pictures look great! I’ve had very good responses so far (:


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