{Project 365} Day 13

Day Thirteen | Thankful Through it All


This morning I spent a little bit of time talking to God as I sat in chapel after setting up my camera and before chapel started. I stumbled through my words, searching for the right words to speak as I often do. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t understand what God is doing right now and I can’t see Him. But I prayed anyway. I told Him that I didn’t understand. The speaker in chapel today talked about prayer. And anxiety. And thankfulness. Through things you don’t understand. He said many of the exact words that I had said to my God this morning. It’s funny how God works sometimes. PRAYER is powerful. Sometimes I doubt. Sometimes all I can do is forget to thank him. I simply cry. But maybe when I miss the step of thankfulness, I am missing part of the blessing of prayer. #Philippians4

I had already posted this to Instagram a couple days ago, but I wanted to add some of my #WanderingThoughts that I often post to Instagram on {Project 365} because, even though the pictures aren’t perfect and aren’t even of great things, encouragement is always there. Lessons. Beauty through the mess of imperfections. And the encouragements are always accompanied by pictures, so I hope you enjoy the pictures as well as the bits of encouragement or questions or thoughts that I can come up with.

Everyone, have a great night! ❤


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