{Project 365} Day 14

Day Fourteen | Calm & Peace

FullSizeRender (1)

Having coffee and lunch across from one of my best friends has become my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I love sharing my heart and listening to my friend’s heart as we chat and smile and laugh and cry together. It’s beautiful. It’s love. It’s learning communication and relationship. It’s learning how to listen, not to reply, but to understand. It’s replying not to be ‘right‘, but to encourage the other person and give them the best advice that you can, ever guiding them towards Christ. There is something truly satisfying in sharing what is going on in your Wandering Heart. Sharing your struggles and greatest fears. Your thoughts and hopes and dreams. Your tears. There is something wonderful [and probably nothing more scary] in being vulnerable. In my experience, I could have had many ‘bad’ days, yet when I finally get to sit down with a cup of coffee in my hand and one of my best friends sitting across the table from me, I feel as though I can finally smile again. Sometimes the other person doesn’t even have to say much. God speaks anyway. The Holy Spirit is present and working in both of our situations. Community is precious and I hope I will never lose these treasured friends of mine.

I had already posted this picture to Instagram a couple days ago, but I wanted to add some of my #WanderingThoughts that I often post to Instagram on {Project 365} because, even though the pictures aren’t perfect and aren’t even of great things, encouragement is always there. Lessons. Beauty through the mess of imperfections. And the encouragements are always accompanied by pictures, so I hope you enjoy the pictures as well as the bits of encouragement or questions or thoughts that I can come up with.

Everyone, have a great night!


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