Better Me

“Don’t Compare.

Don’t Compete.


My brother told me those words above. If you go into a situation and you start comparing with everyone else, you will never feel good enough…or ________ enough. If you go into a situation and compete with everyone else, your main goal will be “winning” or making sure that you’re better than everyone else at whatever it is. However, if you go into a situation and your goal is to contribute, you can take what you have right now…the talent, the ability, the knowledge, the person you are right now and contribute what you have to the situation, whether that be a job, a passion, a relationship, anything.

How many times do we try to be a better “her”? How many times do we waste all of our time and energy wishing we were someone else? We wish we looked like her, or we had her personality. All the guys seem to like her, maybe she’s doing everything ‘right’ and I’m doing it ‘wrong’.

Not only do we compare, but we also compete. I am a VERY competitive person, so this unfortunately comes naturally to me. Maybe instead of competing against others, we should be competing against ourselves. We should be competing against the person we were yesterday and use that as motivation to become the person that we want to be tomorrow.

Contribute. Contribute to the conversations. Contribute to the relationships, even the ones that take a whole lot of work. To everything that you are passionate about and everything that drives you. To your artistic passion that scares you to death to share for fear of rejection or ‘not being good enough’. Be brave enough to put yourself out there and bring forth your very best. It won’t look like ‘that other girl’s’ very best. But it will be YOUR best. And that’s enough. Trust me, that’s enough.

I hope this for me, as well as you…that we will be able to get to the place where we can honestly say with a smile that we love the person that we have become and that:

better me


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