{Love Letters} Enough

Don’t you know that I see you where you’re at? I know who you will become. I am not in a hurry to get you there because I know that you will get there at exactly the perfect time for my glory. You won’t arrive too late. This life is a journey. Some paths that I have asked you to travel down have been difficult for you. But I never do anything without a purpose and a plan. Don’t you remember that I have good plans for you (Jer. 29:11)?

Why do you think I’m distant? That I don’t care. I am right here! I am inside of you! How much closer can I get?

Daughter, I chose you. (Ephesians 1:4) Because of my incredible love for you, I wanted you to always have a place by my side. You think I do not see your tears that you cry alone at night time and time again. You think I do not see your tear stained face as you attempt to ‘come up with the right words’ when you try to pray to me. You think I do not hear you.

But that is simply not true!

I just want to hear your beautiful voice. I want to see the beautiful heart that I am making more and more beautiful each day. That heart is oh, so precious to me. I think about you often (psalm 139:17), my Child. Why do you hesitate so to come talk to me? I love you deeper than any human ever could. Please come back to me! I have feelings, too, Daughter.

Do you remember when you felt the abandon of your friends? You felt sad and alone because they no longer talked to you or wanted to be with you or hang out with you. I was there, remember? I helped you through that time, too. When I do not hear your voice all day, it hurts. It hurts knowing that you have replaced me with other things…other people to talk to, other things to keep you busy all day… I have been here for you since before I created you. Please don’t shut me out, too.

see you searching for love, Dear One. You’re frantically looking around you, trying to figure out what love even is. I know your heart far better than you do, My Dear. Please stop searching for love the way that you have been. You won’t find it. At least not the fulfilling, amazing love that I have in store for you if you are only willing to wait a little longer. Remember, I have GOOD plans in store for you. You need to learn to love yourself, first. You need to learn to see me and see yourself as I do. You need to learn how to receive MY love before you can learn how to receive any man’s love. You need to understand what grace really is, my Daughter. You need to let go of all of the shame that is consuming you. Just let it all goI am able. I can handle it! Be patient with yourself. Stop getting so frustrated with yourself when you do not see the progress that you had hoped for. Remember, my time table looks a little different than yours.

My Daughter, if only you knew what I have in store for you! If you knew, maybe you would be a little more patient with yourself. Maybe you would look forward at things to come rather than back at your past shame and guilt. But that is not my plan. I cannot show you everything that will happen. Please, just trust me. My plans are far better than anything you have imagined! I am smiling as I write this to you because I can see your life playing out in front of me. And I LOVE what I see. You will make more mistakes in your life time. You will walk down paths I wish you never had to walk down. You will get side tracked again. You will believe the lies that the enemy has told you since Day #1. You will get hurt and walk through pain. I don’t want that to happen to you, my Child. I love you so much. I wish I could always make your life happy and easy. But I can’t. I need you to trust me. Because it’s through those hard times that you are stretched the most. It’s not fun. But I am with you every single step of the way. Please never lose sight of that. Remember that you are never stretched too far. Too far for you to work through on your own…but nothing is too great for me to handle, My Dear. Keep doing what you’re doing, Child. It is enough.

{Love Letters} from Christ # 1. I hope to take some of the truths that I read and study and think about from the Bible and pour it into a letter directly to YOU from Christ. I hope you enjoy these love letters to your heart and I hope they remind you of things that you have forgotten. Feel free to respond. Talk to him after you read them.


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