{Love Letters} Beautiful Heart

I see how hard you are trying. You want my love, because that is how I made you. I masterfully created you in my image for relationships. First, a relationship with me…then also with meaningful relationships with the people that I have purposefully placed in your life. I see you trying to win my approval, because that is how you have tried to make other people love you. Can I tell you a secret?

You already have my approval.

You don’t need to earn it. I approved of you the day I thought of your existence. You don’t need to put your best foot forward when talking to me to get me to love you. You don’t have to talk to me just when you’re feeling happy or particularly close to me. Because I want all of you. I loved you at your darkest. Nothing that you do will ever make me love you any more or any less.

I want to hear from your hurting heart. Don’t you remember that I created every single part of you (Gen. 1:27)? I created you intentionally and with a purpose (Psalm 139:14). Won’t you trust me? When will you finally release the tight grip you have on everything that is important to you? Remember that I am good. I truly want what is best for you, my Child. I adopted you into my family(Ephesians 1:5)! I wouldn’t have done that if I was not a good God. Pour out your heart to me (Psalm 62:8), Child. I am your refuge (Psalm 62:8), your hiding place.

What is holding you back? What baggage is clinging to you that you are afraid to let go of? You have had it for so long that it has become your security blanket. At first you hated it and you fought it. I saw that, too. But now you cling to it because it somehow makes you feel safe. Secure. Comfortable. You need to let it go, Dear. You are so exhausted. Please, won’t you let me help? I can handle it. Everything that I have done lately is to show you that you need to trust me. Everything that I have done was purely out of love. Yes, I absolutely love you as you are, but I love you too much to keep you this way. You can be so much better. I have more amazing plans for you than you can dream of. Trust me.

I didn’t go to the cross for you to remain in chains. Accept my love. If you cannot accept the love of someone else yet, that’s okay. Just accept mine. I promise that after you learn to fully accept my love, I will show you how to accept others’ love and in return, you will learn how to love others as well. Allow me to break you to help you. I promise that I will never leave you when you are broken. Allow yourself to rest. Here. With me. Remember, I approve of your beautiful heart. 


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