{Love Letters} Christmas

Today was the day. The day so long ago when I left My Father’s side to begin the long, difficult journey of being on earth. I could have come in so many mighty, amazing ways. I have appeared in powerful ways before!

But today. Christmas Day. I came as a baby. Helpless. Needy. Powerless. For you!

Sometimes it’s difficult for you to truly believe just how much I love you (John 3:16). How much love does it take to downgrade yourself that much? I went from being a powerful King and Ruler to being a baby who needed so much help. For you. I saw your beautiful face in that moment. A love for you that is indescribable swept over me. I knew what was going to happen. I knew what was coming. But I chose you anyway. I chose the hard path because of my great love for you. All those years ago, as I was laying in the manger, waiting for the time to finish the plan of My Father, I stared into the faces of my earthly parents. I felt their love. But as I looked into their eyes, I not only saw them. I saw you. I loved you. I knew that this plan would be one of the most difficult ones that I would ever have to do. But I also knew that My Father’s plan was perfect. I knew that you were worth it.

As visitors came and went, peace reigned in that humble place of my birth. You couldn’t visit me yet, but you were there. I knew that I would never leave you (Matthew 28:20). I knew what you would go through when it was your time to be a light in this world. I know. I know better than anyone. Because I know you. I know every single thing about you! And guess what? NOTHING can separate you from my love (Romans 8:37-39). You have made mistakes. You have messed up and you will mess up in the future. But that’s okay. That’s what it means to be human. I understand that. And I love you anyway.

Lose the shame from your past. Let everything go. Remember what I taught you in those times, but forget everything else. Remember that I really can make everything good (Romans 8:28). Your life is a beautiful masterpiece. Tough times have only increased your love for me, which is the point. In the past, you have forgotten to talk to me about your struggles time and time again. I have to say, that hurt. I was there for you. But move forward, Dear. You now talk to me so much more than you used to and I love it. You are exactly how I made you and you have such an incredible purpose of this earth. Don’t forget why I came to this earth so long ago.

I came for you!


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