{Love Letters} Trust

Close your eyes for a moment, My Child. Breathe. Focus on the slow, deep breaths. Receive my peace. My comfort. My love.

I saw the not-so-great decisions that you have made recently. That situation wasn’t my best and there was a small part of you that knew it. I allowed you to walk through that tough time for the lessons I knew you would learn. I have so much better in store for you! When will you trust that my plan really is more amazing than you thought your life could be? You won’t have to compromise. Be annoyed or irritated. Or constantly wonder if it is right. You’ll know. Maybe not all at once. But You will. Continue to seek me, and you’ll know.

Stop for a moment. When will you stop beating yourself up for the mistakes and bad decisions that you’ve made? Life moves on. I know that you are searching for someone to prove you wrong. Prove that someone is different. Someone you can trust in.

Trust in me! I can help you and I want to help you. No human being can stand the pressure of your full trust, without me. Trust. In. Me.

I want you to trust in other people. But trust in Me first. If you trust in me, I can guide you in the right direction. Much heartache can be spared. My love can shine through you!  You can have peace about your relationships and your future when you learn to put your complete trust in me alone. You will no longer feel the need to continually attain their approval. Or love. When it’s right, you can rest in the fact that your trust is in me…and I’m okay with what is happening. Your heart is right. You are okayTrust Me.


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