{Love Letters} Today

I love to show up in the little things in life. I am not just in the big things in your life! I am constantly with you, even in the small, daily struggles and joys! I have watched you over the past several weeks become more comfortable with who you are and what you can do. You still have a ways to go in discovering that you can and do make an impact in others’ lives. I will show you how, in time. I have watched you step out of your comfort zone. I have watched you become part of the large group that you never thought you would be comfortable in. I watched you form new friendships in unexpected places with unexpected people.

I love to show up in the unexpected!

I care about the tiniest details in your life, Dear Child. Never think that anything is too small (or too great) for me. I desire to bless you, because I love you. I adore you! You please me, without you having to do anything for me. I have given you the people and relationships that you needed with a few extra blessings thrown in. These people that I have given you are necessary for the next leg of the journey that I have asked you to travel. You have this time with them. I cannot promise you will always have them right by your side. But today you do. Make the most of it. Pour love onto them. Open your heart to them. Listen to them. Encourage them as often as you can. Enjoy today and live for today. Yesterday was not meant to be relived. It was meant to teach you lessons. Take the lessons and forget the bad. Tomorrow was not meant to be worried about or tried to live ahead of time. You were given today.

Today you can give me glory in everything you do. Today you can make a difference in someone’s life. Today you can make new lasting friendships. Today you can go out of your way for a friend. Today you can show my love to those around you. Today you can encourage those that I have placed in your life and in your heart. Today, you can make me smile because I am well pleased with you.


{Love Letters} Impact

Your heart is exactly where it needs to be, Child. Trust me, you’re doing enough. You are enough. I know that sometimes your insecurities kick in and you aren’t sure if you are enough or if you are making an impact in anyone’s life. You were placed here for a reason. The people in your life were placed here for a reason. It was all intentional. I gave people the right passions, paths, interests, friends, etc. to enter your life. If I had done one small thing differently, you may have never met them. You may feel like you can’t possibly have a very big impact in someone’s life. You may feel like you don’t really stand out as someone who everyone wants to be like and talk too. You may feel like sometimes you kind of just blend in and that you don’t have much to offer someone else.

That’s a lie.

I have given you a unique personality. I have given you unique talents and abilities. I have given you the perfect smile, story and love that can speak directly to certain people. Not everyone. But I don’t ask you to do that much! I only ask you to learn to love those who I have placed in your path. You have so much more to offer people than you first thought! Your story and experiences has been one of struggle and pain, but also joy and redemption. Your life story may seem cliche to you, but what if those words that you speak is exactly what someone else needs to hear that day?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that you barely know. You might be surprised what might happen when you allow yourself to open up and receive and give love. You’re almost there. I’m so proud of you, Daughter. You’ve become brave and you have stepped out of your comfort zone into the unknown and into what scares you. That is the ultimate place for change.

Stop worrying about if what you’re doing and saying is making a difference. It is. Stop wondering if there is ANY way that YOU can make an impact in someone’s life. I have given you the words to say when someone needs to hear it. I can do it again. You have a voice and words to say. Allow me to speak through you. Because, whether you believe it or not, You ARE making a difference! 😀

{Love Letters} Gifts

I have given you so many amazing gifts, Dear One. Some of them you have yet to discover their true beauty…but you will, in timeI see your heart, remember? I see how much you want to see how everything will work out. I know that you love to dream big and dream of your future. I know that you love to think of things to come; after college, after this season of life, after _________. Listen to me, Daughter. I want you to dream big. I want you to look forward to the future that I have planned for you. But you’re trying to get there too soon. I have many important things in store for you first.

Enjoy today. Because this is the day that I have given you (Psalm 118:24). Enjoy the little moments in life that I have blessed you with. I have blessed you with many amazing friendships and relationships. Enjoy the time you have now instead of worrying about possibilities, unknown outcomes, future pain.

Love those who I have placed in your life with abandon. Pour out your heart. Be vulnerable. Allow me to fill you up again. Then love more.

Lose the fear, Child! Trust in me and my amazing plan for your life. Trust that I am good and I want what is best for you. And I truly know what is best for you! Let the fear slip through your clinched fists into my capable and powerful hands for me to deal with. Be positive. Enjoy the little moments that make life so beautiful. You have such a beautiful heart. I see you. I know you. You don’t have to be afraid. Because I am gently holding your beautiful heart in my hands…shaping it and molding it into something even more beautiful day by day.

{Love Letters} Lean Into Me

You are so scared. Scared to repeat past mistakes. Scared that you’re doing the “wrong thing”. Scared that you’re not doing it the “right way”. Terrified that the past will repeat itself. Scared that the people in your life now will treat you the same way that the people in your past did. You are chained to so much fear.

Fear not, Beloved Daughter. I love you. I will help you. “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand; it is I who says to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” (Isaiah 41:13)

I saw your face brighten with excitement and joy as you thought you saw your path straighten a little before you. Oh, you knew there would still be bumps and slight curves ahead…but it looked a little straighter than it had previously. Now it’s all curves again. Where there was clarity, it looks foggy to your eyes. Child, everything is crystal clear from where I am sitting. I am carefully holding you and your life in my hand. Even when it seems like I am no where to be found, I am looking after you. Even when you hear silence, I am working on your behalf. Have faith. Remember to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Let go of the anger that you’re feeling. Let go of all of the emotions that are running through you right now. Let me show you what to feel. Let me. Let go. Of everything. (unrighteous) Anger is not from me, my Child. I understand what you’re feeling. You’re not alone. Make sure that the words that you are speaking is helpful for others. Builds them up. Yes, everyone. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit but instead focus on the fruit of the spirit. Even now. Especially now. (Ephesians 4:26-31)

Take a deep, calm breath, Child. Let it all outLean into me. I want nothing more than for you to know my heart. My vision. My love. Worship me in everything you do. I just want you to know that, in the big picture, everything will be okay. It may take time. It will take some time. But everything will be okay. I love you. And I’m here for you every step that you’re struggling to take. Remember that I am for you and not against you! You can do it 😀 With me. For my glory. Remember…dream big because that is the biggest compliment you can give me (:

{Love Letters} Fear

How many times have I told you to not be afraid? How many times have I written in the Bible that very statement? So many times. It’s repeated again and again…don’t you think that I really mean what I say when it’s repeated that many times? Don’t be afraid! Don’t be anxious or nervous about what you don’t understand…about the future because you do not know what it will hold. Because I do know what your future will hold.

Don’t be afraid of possible heartache. Of possible loss. Don’t be afraid of the next season of your life because you do not know what that is yet. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, because You know the God who created the unknown! I am with you. I will strengthen you and uphold you (Isaiah 41:10)!

So what, things have gone poorly in the past for you. That doesn’t mean that it will go poorly in the future! I am on your side. I am for you…not against you! What can men do to you since I am on your side? Do not be afraid of what could possibly go wrong…because I am on your side and I love you (Psalm 118:6).

I have not given you the spirit of fear (1 Timothy 1:7). When you are able to let go of that fear, you will discover a much deeper, happier life…the life that I have planned for you! Trust me. I remember the times in the past when things went differently than you wanted them too. You were searching, seeking. You even convinced yourself that you were trying to find my best for your life. Your heart did long for the blessings that I wanted to give you. Your heart longed for me. But you also had many selfish desires that you needed to get rid of first. It was a battle. But I am so proud of you. Together, we won! It isn’t over, but you have come such a long way. I know that part of you is afraid of things happening the same way again. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. I am a safe place. I love you. And I want you to run to me with everything you have. And I believe you are finally doing that. Trust in me. Trust in my plan. Search for me. Seek my heart. I will draw near to you because I love you more than I can even describe!


{Love Letters} Insecurity

You have several insecurities. I know, because I made you with the tendency to be insecure in those areas. You must know, though, Child…Fixing your eyes on your insecurities is not my best for you. I know that it is sometimes difficult for you to get past all of those things that make you insecure…timid…afraid. I see your heart. So I know! Won’t you allow me to painfully but gently remove those insecurities from your life? I never want to cause you pain. But sometimes I know that I must because it truly is in your best interest. Fix your eyes on me, instead (Hebrews 12:2-3).

Where are you placing your trust? If it is in someone else or something else, you will begin to feel insecure quicker than you thought possible. However, if you trust in me, you will soon realize that life is much better this way. I will gently show you the way, if you will only release everything to me. Your fists have the tendency to clinch around certain things…not everything. Some things you happily and quite easily give to me right away. But there are still a couple more things that you like to hold tightly too. Fight for control. Release your grip. Release control. Feel my peace sweep over you as you do. Trust me, I have far better things in store for you when you learn how to trust ME instead of whatever/whoever else you can find. It’s a much better life. A fuller life. A life full of love and intention. The life I have always imagined for you!