{Love Letters} Insecurity

You have several insecurities. I know, because I made you with the tendency to be insecure in those areas. You must know, though, Child…Fixing your eyes on your insecurities is not my best for you. I know that it is sometimes difficult for you to get past all of those things that make you insecure…timid…afraid. I see your heart. So I know! Won’t you allow me to painfully but gently remove those insecurities from your life? I never want to cause you pain. But sometimes I know that I must because it truly is in your best interest. Fix your eyes on me, instead (Hebrews 12:2-3).

Where are you placing your trust? If it is in someone else or something else, you will begin to feel insecure quicker than you thought possible. However, if you trust in me, you will soon realize that life is much better this way. I will gently show you the way, if you will only release everything to me. Your fists have the tendency to clinch around certain things…not everything. Some things you happily and quite easily give to me right away. But there are still a couple more things that you like to hold tightly too. Fight for control. Release your grip. Release control. Feel my peace sweep over you as you do. Trust me, I have far better things in store for you when you learn how to trust ME instead of whatever/whoever else you can find. It’s a much better life. A fuller life. A life full of love and intention. The life I have always imagined for you!


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