{Love Letters} Gifts

I have given you so many amazing gifts, Dear One. Some of them you have yet to discover their true beauty…but you will, in timeI see your heart, remember? I see how much you want to see how everything will work out. I know that you love to dream big and dream of your future. I know that you love to think of things to come; after college, after this season of life, after _________. Listen to me, Daughter. I want you to dream big. I want you to look forward to the future that I have planned for you. But you’re trying to get there too soon. I have many important things in store for you first.

Enjoy today. Because this is the day that I have given you (Psalm 118:24). Enjoy the little moments in life that I have blessed you with. I have blessed you with many amazing friendships and relationships. Enjoy the time you have now instead of worrying about possibilities, unknown outcomes, future pain.

Love those who I have placed in your life with abandon. Pour out your heart. Be vulnerable. Allow me to fill you up again. Then love more.

Lose the fear, Child! Trust in me and my amazing plan for your life. Trust that I am good and I want what is best for you. And I truly know what is best for you! Let the fear slip through your clinched fists into my capable and powerful hands for me to deal with. Be positive. Enjoy the little moments that make life so beautiful. You have such a beautiful heart. I see you. I know you. You don’t have to be afraid. Because I am gently holding your beautiful heart in my hands…shaping it and molding it into something even more beautiful day by day.


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