{Love Letters} Impact

Your heart is exactly where it needs to be, Child. Trust me, you’re doing enough. You are enough. I know that sometimes your insecurities kick in and you aren’t sure if you are enough or if you are making an impact in anyone’s life. You were placed here for a reason. The people in your life were placed here for a reason. It was all intentional. I gave people the right passions, paths, interests, friends, etc. to enter your life. If I had done one small thing differently, you may have never met them. You may feel like you can’t possibly have a very big impact in someone’s life. You may feel like you don’t really stand out as someone who everyone wants to be like and talk too. You may feel like sometimes you kind of just blend in and that you don’t have much to offer someone else.

That’s a lie.

I have given you a unique personality. I have given you unique talents and abilities. I have given you the perfect smile, story and love that can speak directly to certain people. Not everyone. But I don’t ask you to do that much! I only ask you to learn to love those who I have placed in your path. You have so much more to offer people than you first thought! Your story and experiences has been one of struggle and pain, but also joy and redemption. Your life story may seem cliche to you, but what if those words that you speak is exactly what someone else needs to hear that day?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that you barely know. You might be surprised what might happen when you allow yourself to open up and receive and give love. You’re almost there. I’m so proud of you, Daughter. You’ve become brave and you have stepped out of your comfort zone into the unknown and into what scares you. That is the ultimate place for change.

Stop worrying about if what you’re doing and saying is making a difference. It is. Stop wondering if there is ANY way that YOU can make an impact in someone’s life. I have given you the words to say when someone needs to hear it. I can do it again. You have a voice and words to say. Allow me to speak through you. Because, whether you believe it or not, You ARE making a difference! 😀


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