{Love Letters} Today

I love to show up in the little things in life. I am not just in the big things in your life! I am constantly with you, even in the small, daily struggles and joys! I have watched you over the past several weeks become more comfortable with who you are and what you can do. You still have a ways to go in discovering that you can and do make an impact in others’ lives. I will show you how, in time. I have watched you step out of your comfort zone. I have watched you become part of the large group that you never thought you would be comfortable in. I watched you form new friendships in unexpected places with unexpected people.

I love to show up in the unexpected!

I care about the tiniest details in your life, Dear Child. Never think that anything is too small (or too great) for me. I desire to bless you, because I love you. I adore you! You please me, without you having to do anything for me. I have given you the people and relationships that you needed with a few extra blessings thrown in. These people that I have given you are necessary for the next leg of the journey that I have asked you to travel. You have this time with them. I cannot promise you will always have them right by your side. But today you do. Make the most of it. Pour love onto them. Open your heart to them. Listen to them. Encourage them as often as you can. Enjoy today and live for today. Yesterday was not meant to be relived. It was meant to teach you lessons. Take the lessons and forget the bad. Tomorrow was not meant to be worried about or tried to live ahead of time. You were given today.

Today you can give me glory in everything you do. Today you can make a difference in someone’s life. Today you can make new lasting friendships. Today you can go out of your way for a friend. Today you can show my love to those around you. Today you can encourage those that I have placed in your life and in your heart. Today, you can make me smile because I am well pleased with you.


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