{Love Letters} I Am For You

Your heart is so precious to me, My Child! Take a moment out of your crazy busy day to think about that simple statement. Return to the simple, small statements of truth that I have been longing to whisper to your tired and aching heart for so long now. You are one of my children (John 1:12)! You are so beautifully made and so unique. Do you even know how many times you have made me smile in the past couple weeks…months? You have grown so much and I am so proud of you, Daughter!

Last semester my heart was broken for you. I watched you as you struggled with life. I know you felt like everything you thought you ever wanted was slowly being stripped away from you. But now don’t you see? Everything that I allowed you to go through was only to prepare you for the amazing things that I would soon bring into your life. Those were some difficult lessons…and it involved many nights filled with tears and anger. But I was always just a prayer away. I was right there the whole time! Believe me when I say I wanted to intervene sooo many times. I saw your hurt. I saw your broken. And I’ll let you in on a little secret…when I saw the pain that you were going through, it hurt me even more than it hurt you. I. Love. You! How many times do you need me to repeat myself? I will say it again and again but you need to start believing me!

Even now, I am working on the heart that I gave you. It is filled with compassion and empathy and I have perfect plans for you! I’m not done with you, Child. I have begun an amazing work in you and I have not even come close to being done with you yet (Philippians 1:6)!! I know that you sometimes get frustrated in the waiting seasons…in the seasons where preparation is heavy and it feels like your life will never truly begin! I understand that, but just know that this season is oh, so important. Without it, you will not be ready to enter into the next season of life or able to carry out my mission for your life. You are exactly where you need to be.

Don’t give up hope. I am right here, every step of the way. I have also placed so many amazing people in your life to help you along the way and for you to help them. Focus on love, and everything else will fall into place, Dear One. Never forget that I love you and I am on your side! Since I am on your side, it’s okay for you to be for you, too.


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