Oh You of Little Faith

I keep thinking about the Israelites. How often do we look at them and say things like: “they SAW God work in so many amazing ways! How come they forget what He has done so quickly? They had such little faith!”

I have a question for you. How often do we do the same thing??!

I have seen God’s goodness. His faithfulness. I have seen Him work in amazing ways. Yet when I’m faced with something difficult, I forget. I forget what He has done. I forget how He has worked. I. Just. Forget!

We could make an argument like “oh, but the Israelites actually physically saw things that God did.” So what?! We have seen what God has done again and again, and yet we still doubt. When facing a difficult situation, we can’t help but think “maybe this time, this is too big for God.” “Maybe he won’t pull through for me this time.” Will he pull through for me like I expect him too? Probably not. But I think that that is part of the beauty of it. If only I could have faith. If only I could stop doubting. If only I could stop being an Israelite, because I am right there among them. We condemn them for complaining all the time… How often do I do that? We look down on them for not believing that God will come through and do more amazing things and for forgetting what He has done for them in the past… How many times do I forget and need to be reminded?

Oh, to have more faith and no doubt. If only I could have faith to move mountains. If only I could no longer be the one called “oh you of little faith”, but someone who has faith even among the most difficult of circumstances.

God can do it. He has so much power and He has a plan. He can use me. He can use you. He can move mountains and make a way where there is none. And He loves you sooo much! Stop doubting “oh you of little faith”! And start believing 😃


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