{Love Letters} Dear Heart

Dear beautiful heart 🙂 You have been trying so hard lately. But I see the exhaustion in your eyes, even when others only see your smile that you have been so bravely showing. You don’t know what to do about it, because, in my ways, you don’t really have a choice. There are certain things that you need to do and you have to do it!

What if you figured out ways throughout the week (and the weekends) when you can spend small moments of your day for yourself. Doing something you love. Focusing on slowing life down for a few minutes before you again enter into the hectic mainstream of life. Going to a small coffee shop, grabbing some great coffee, and slowly sipping your favorite blend while writing about something you love…about what God has been doing in your life…or editing pictures, or simply talking to me and spending time with me. Don’t you remember how much I love hearing your voice? I don’t care if your voice trembles and tears start to fall as you meet with me and tell me how much you have been struggling with me. I love to see your beautiful smile on the good days. Or maybe it’s grabbing a couple of your closest friends and going on a hike or having a photoshoot and talking about life the whole time. Maybe it’s meeting your best friend for coffee. Or your boyfriend. Or a couple close friends. Talk it out! Pray. Slow life down for a little while. Believe me, Child, that is not a sin.

Take some time periodically to take good pictures! Travel a little bit and have some fun (: I know that you have it in you because I have seen the light in your eyes and I have seen you thrive in those situations.

I know you’re tired, Dear One. You’re tired of the routine of the path that I have currently set you on. Just hold on a little bit longer. You’re almost done! And I have so many amazing things planned for your summer, although not all of it will be fun for you. It’ll all be worth it, I promise.

Take a moment for rest, beautiful One. Rest doesn’t mean always wasting time watching TV, although that is part of it and I know that it is sometimes needed. Take some time to breathe. Worship me. Write a song. Clean your room so you have a better place to work. Realize that, in the big picture, this season of your life is not meaningless! Your life has meaning. It has purpose. I will continue to fill you with joy, fulfillment, and purpose as you continue to seek my heart.

Stop listening to the lies that have told you that you can’t hold on anymore. I know you, Daughter! I know that somewhere, deep down, is the fighter that has always been there. Where is your competitive spirit? Where is the girl who NEVER gives up on anything? Allow me to fill your heart with your dreams again. Stop allowing your fear to put a stop to your currently unreachable dreams. Allow me to whisper to your tired heart today:

You don’t have to live your life defeated anymore.

You’re not done.

You haven’t lost!

I’m not done with you yet. And I still have so much in store for you.

And never forget that I love you and I’m on your side! Things will work out eventually 🙂 My time is different than yours. Look at the blessings I have given to you. Give your aching heart a rest.


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