{Dream It Big}

We are so often told to dream small. For whatever reason, it seems like so many of our closest friends and family don’t believe in you. And that quickly discourages you to believe in yourself. You are told, maybe not in audible words, but you are told nonetheless that you will only be led to disappointment if you dream that big…and that the possible aspect of disappointment is not worth the risk. You may have also been told that you don’t have enough to bring into your dream to make it a reality…you aren’t talented enough or passionate enough or…something! But what if you dared to dream beyond even your imagination and, because of that, you were able to enter into a life that you never thought was possible? A God-sized dream, as Holley Gerth often calls it (read her blogs! They are amazing)

What if we would stop fearing what people thought of us in order to dream a dream bigger than we can bring into reality? Because the reality is, we don’t have to bring it into reality. If God has put it in your heart, He’s more than capable to make it a reality. All you have to do is watch the amazing events that He has planned for you become a reality as a result of you being brave enough to dream about something that He has put into your heart, no matter how big and crazy it seems!!

Here’s some secrets that I feel like you need to hear today…I know I do!

You don’t have to have your life together for God to work through you!

You don’t need to be perfect or know exactly where your dream is going to take you when you first start down this adventurous path!

So what if what you are dreaming is completely unique? No one else has thought of it. Does that make you weird? NO! That simply means that you have finally found your place in this world. Congratulations!

You don’t have to live up to theirexpectations. I know, it seems like the ‘right thing to do’ is to be exactly what your parents or your best friends or the people you work with or go to school with, etc. think you should be. Don’t believe it! That’s your parents’ dream for you. Your friends’ dream for you. Beautiful, go find YOUR dream for you! Make sure it lines up with God’s dream for you, and you are golden! You cannot fail. Not completely. {God is within her, she will not fall… Psalm 46:5} There will most likely be small setbacks and failures along the way, because that is the way we most often learn. But make sure you’re living your life…the life that you and God have dreamed deep down all along.

I know it’s scary, to take that first step into dreaming about the unknown. What will happen? Will I fail and constantly be disappointed? Am I dreaming too big and my life will all be a waste because I am constantly waiting for God to work and He’s not? What if I miss God’s voice and miss my ultimate calling and will have to settle for something less than His best? What if dreaming big and truly pursuing something that I love with my whole heart doesn’t provide the money me and my future family will need?

If you’re like me, those questions and similar ones have swirled around in your head at one time or another. It’s okay to ask questions, to be confused, to wonder what God’s doing. But I think it’s an insult to God when we dream things that we see as reachable! Because what is that saying to Him?!

“Oh, we got this God, thank you!”

“I can reach my dreams…without your help!”

What is it saying to Him when we know for a fact that we can’t reach our dreams without His help and even His miracles?

“Jesus, I love you so much! I am willing to do anything that you are calling me to do! I understand that you have given me passions and dreams and drives that are unique to me and I am so excited to watch you work in my life! Here are my empty hands, God. I realize I don’t have much…but what you have given me, I will happily give back to you! Please take the small amount of talent, passion and excitement and multiply it! Please show me how to use my passions for you and for you only! This dream I have is beyond anything that I could ever accomplish on my own…but I’m trusting that, if this dream truly came from you, you will somehow work in my life and perform this miracle! Take me where you will. I don’t know much. I know some of what you have given me, but I don’t even think I know what I am capable of yet…with you to guide me. I don’t know where you want to take me on this crazy adventure, but I can’t be more excited to walk into the unknown, camera in hand, to figure out what you have planned for my small, simple life. Take me as I am and make something out of me that You can work through and that others can see You through me!”

Don’t forget those dreams you have long since pushed deep inside…too afraid to let others see them because you were afraid of their reaction. You were afraid that they might thing you are crazy to dream like that! Take those dreams and lay them before Christ again. Ask him if these are truly the ones He has been wanting you to pursue all along, or if you should lay some of them down for good. Those dreams that He wants you to keep will launch you into a beautiful, thriving life that you will love. Hang on, beautiful heart…this life is just about to get good ❤