How Did I Become A Senior?!


Junior Year. Done. BAM. ❤

It’s about the time of year to look back over the past semester (and school year). To me, it feels like this is the end of the previous year and the beginning of a new one, since the school year just ended.

But Anyway…

Looking back over this semester, it’s crazy how much I’ve gone through and what God has been teaching me through all of it. I can’t and I won’t post everything that I probably could, but here is a short piece of what God has been teaching me over the past few months.

One | God will give you the strength and energy that you need exactly when you need it!

I find this difficult to remember when I am going through everyday life here at school…but I really saw this when I was           in Mexico during Spring Break this year. Although the Mexico trip is a long story, I will just say here that I saw (and felt)         firsthand that God will give you strength and energy when you have none but you need it! It was really awesome being         able to see that, really for the first time so clearly!


I LOVED being on the worship team (or one of them). I had so much fun and I did something that I didn’t think I was good enough to do. I had a blast getting to know the band better and worshiping God with all of the kids! It was exhausting, though, and chapel was definitely one of the main times that I asked God for strength and energy.

Two | God opened up the door for me to allow more relationships into my life.

I’m not into being vulnerable. Sometimes I would rather be left alone. Guess God knew that that wasn’t what was best         for me. First, he gave me a boyfriend who is super extroverted. Second, I became more extroverted. But I soon                   realized that I couldn’t just be there with my body. I need to be invested in order to be a good friend and in order to               actually get to know the people I started hanging out with. I didn’t do a very good job at that. Not yet. But maybe I will           still have time 🙂


Brianna and I roomed together this year. Junior Year. We had a great year together as roommates but it appears that God has different plans for us for next year 🙂


I didn’t expect to get too close to Amanda when I first met her. I didn’t really expect to get very close to very many, if any, of the girls in the big group of friends that King hung out with and the same group that I had distanced myself from last year. But Amanda and I got to know each other fairly quickly and we are rooming together next year! (And after a huge, difficult, kinda stressful time trying to find a room where everyone was happy with other girls too, we even have a room, even though it wasn’t exactly what everyone wanted. Maybe this is what God wants).


By the grace of God, we have been together for 4 months. Four months of beauty. Four months of struggle. Four months of laughter, stress, tears, fear, anger, confusion, love, learning more about God. And I can’t wait to live the next months overcoming the next obstacles that are thrown in our way because I know that God has put us together for a reason and that we can overcome anything because we are together and God is on our side ❤


I never thought I would go to JS with many of these people. Big groups were never my thing a year or two ago. But here I was, surrounded with people that I was beginning to call my friends. Thrown out of my comfort zone, but I was learning to take it in and enjoy it 🙂


I started getting to know this girl a lot better (yes, just in time for her to leave for Columbus next year…). We played basketball together. Played volleyball for fun together a few times. Went out together with our boyfriends. She’s a great girl and I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to get to know her a little better over the past couple months (:

Three | God restores.

           Maybe not all at once. Maybe not in the way that you would hope for…or as fast as you want. But He will. He’s still                working on this. I’m still waiting for some restoration.

Four | God cares about your desires.

I can’t lie. I wanted a boyfriend. Pretty badly. So badly that I lowered my standards significantly and convinced myself that those things didn’t really matter. Until that was stripped away from me too. Then He gave me someone that I never expected to be in a relationship with. Like at all. But he has so many of the qualities that I always wanted.


We make many funny faces (especially him! It’s a wonder we have any decent pictures at all!).

There are so many more things that I could probably say about this past school year. And maybe I will write about it again. But all I can say now is, I’M A FREAKING SENIOR!


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