I am Home

Do you remember the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke?

Yeah. The guy who took all of his Father’s riches and wastes them all, selfishly on himself. And eventually returns home, probably head bent down. Shame in his eyes. Seeking love. Seeking forgiveness. But refusing to ask for it because he knows he doesn’t deserve it. Yeah, that guy.

We like to look at stories like that and think that we would never do that! We would use those things in a mature, God-honoring way and we would never allow ourselves to get that far off track! At least, I think that. Maybe you don’t and are much more spiritual than I am.


Guess what? I think we have all been Prodigal children in at least one time in our lives. Think about everything that Christ has given to you. He has lavishly given us his grace, mercy, wisdom, and peace. He loves you. He gives you amazing gifts that you do not deserve. But yet, how many times have we taken what He has given us, and turned away from him? Maybe not outwardly. We still do what we’ve always done. Go to church. Talk to peers and others about God and what He is doing in our lives. Maybe we don’t even realize how far away that we have actually walked from God until we suddenly wake up one day, look behind us, and wonder where God is. Wonder how far down this path you have gotten yourself down before you even realized that you have lost sight of the beautiful places that God was leading you towards.

The path, full of thorns, was tough and full of mistakes that probably could have been avoided.

Maybe you thought you were seeking God, but you really weren’t.

The troubles that you were walking through left you exhausted and confused.

But even then, there were times when you felt God. He gave you people that you needed. He guided people to say what you needed at the right time. He was there.

What if there is such a beautiful life ahead of you? One full of peace, dancing, joy. Even among mistakes, failures, loss, confusion, struggle, exhaustion…what if there is still a beautiful horizon somewhere. What if God really does have amazing plans for your life, but He’s simply asking you to be in this place for now.

Maybe, instead of wondering where God is and what He is doing…….maybe God wants you to focus your thoughts on HIM. His goodness. What He has done for you! Other people that He has placed in your life for a reason…people that you can encourage and lift up and walk through life with 🙂

This Prodigal Daughter has returned.

I will probably stray a few more times. Forget to focus on God, instead of my problems and failures. But she is here. She is back.

I am home.


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