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Okay, so I should have posted this yesterday…and I planned to, but then I got busy and I forgot. So, here’s this week’s Wednesday Workout Blog (on Thursday!).

So anyway, I decided that I wanted to attempt at starting a new Blogging series for Wednesdays (as you’ve probably guessed by now).

Today’s Topic: Just Do It!

Just do it

Okay, so… what do you think of when you hear those words, or see something like this? Nike, probably pops into our minds, since that’s their slogan. But what does it really mean? When you first heard that phrase years ago, maybe you thought it meant that it’s easy. Because, c’mon, just do it already!

But, that’s not the case.

Phrases like this motivates me. Because it is hard. Running is hard. Toning your body is hard. Having enough drive to not only start, but keep you going the whole time is hard. But what about that feeling when it’s all over? Your lungs are burning. You’re super sweaty. All you can think about is water. But then…you realize what you just did. You smile because you didn’t think you could do it…but you just did it!

For me, I always hated running. I played soccer when I was younger up until Junior Year. Freshman year & Sophomore year, training got a little more intense (than it was when I was little, of course), so I had to start running a little bit because of that. At that point, though, I could barely run over a mile or two, maybe. Obviously in soccer you run a lot, but I was okay with that because it gave me a purpose to run…I saw no purpose in just running to run! I didn’t enjoy it…in fact, I hated it. Then Junior Year of high school, I switched to volleyball. So I pretty much stopped running all together, since you technically didn’t need to FOR volleyball. I couldn’t see why anyone would want to run or how they could enjoy it. I wished I liked it and wished I could do what they could do. But I had tried multiple times over the years to start running and keep it up but, for some reason or another, I always quit again (usually in the winter because it was “too cold”…) But then Junior year of college, my boyfriend (who wasn’t my boyfriend yet) started running. I was glad he was doing it, but I still didn’t see the need for me to do it. I kind of have it in my genes to naturally be skinny, as long as I don’t go out and eat whatever I want. But then I started running. I don’t even remember why. Or how. I ran by myself because I thought I was terrible and didn’t want anybody else to see how out of shape I was. I started running longer, or faster. Then Christmas break came…and I stopped running again for that whole time (mostly because I was sick for most of break…and it was cold…and I made excuses). I had gotten up to 4.3 miles before Christmas break. Then it was very difficult for me to get back into running again. I tried, but it was a difficult semester anyway, and I kind of let my “failure” of not running as far or fast as I wanted to tear me down and stop me from trying harder and challenging myself. I eventually got back up to running 3 miles, I think it was, by the time the semester ended. By this time my boyfriend and I had started running together. He helped push me farther than I thought I could go, but I hated him seeing how out of shape I really was. Summer came. He left for the summer. This summer, running has been difficult to keep consistent at times. Life gets busy. I get tired, or can’t find a good time to run when it’s not too hot but not dark yet. But somehow, I exceeded the limitations that I thought I had. I did what I thought was impossible! The longest that I have run so far is 5 miles, but I don’t intend to stop there! If someone had told me even a few months ago that I would be running 5 miles at a time, with the desire to run farther and faster, I would have laughed at you because I thought that was impossible. All I know is, God gives you strength. And there is something absolutely amazing about doing more than you think is ever possible for you to do! When I come home after a long run, I can barely breathe and I’m all sweaty and gross, but I am smiling because I am so proud that I just did the impossible!

Also, what is my impossible right now, might not be what your impossible is right now.

What is your impossible?

Make that your next goal. And don’t tear yourself down if you don’t reach it on the very day that you want to. There were times when I set goal lengths or times for my runs, and I didn’t quite make it…either it was too hot, or I started listening to the voice in my head saying that I couldn’t do it, or something else happened. But that’s okay, because it just gives you that much more of a reason to try even harder tomorrow!

And remember, even though it’s hard. Even though it’s impossible… JUST DO IT ❤


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