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to live

I don’t pretend for all of my words to be eloquent and to even make sense all of the time. But this series is called #MessyMondays, because I am a mess, you are probably a mess, but these are encouraging words for your mondays!

Maybe we have this living thing all wrong. What if being truly alive, means having a wonderful adventure? I realize that not everyone dreams of having huge, grand adventures and travels…but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to enjoy your life! And for those of us who are just dying to be given permission to dream big, I would encourage you to do it. Maybe you have been searching for a big, wonderful adventure your whole life. You have been dying to dream big dreams for your life but it seems like every time you timidly stuck your foot out in that direction, somebody came along and squashed your hope and your fire. Eventually you gave up. Outwardly you gave up, anyway. Inside, though, there was a fire that nobody could touch. You have just been searching for someone to bring you out of hiding and affirm the dreams that you have held in your heart for so long and tell you to… “Go ahead! Dream Big…reach out for it!” My words don’t really mean much. Ha, I don’t even know if anyone reads these, much less will accept my words as permission to step out into scary, uncharted waters.

Well, if you don’t believe ME, maybe you’ll believe God!

I believe that He wants to tell your beautiful, striving heart something tonight. Something wonderful. Something passionate. Something that you have longed to hear for so, so long. Well, be still, Dear One, because I believe that He has words that He wants you to listen to.

This morning I posted this on facebook:

I think I am called to dream big, because if I DON’T, what does that say about what I believe about God? Refusing to dream big is limiting God to what we can see happening. But, if we fully let go of control and our need to SEE what is happening, we lose the limits that we have “set” on God and we are now free to dream big and stand back and watch Him work in ways we once thought was impossible!

Maybe God wants you to sit still for a few minutes. Take a few minutes from the business of life. And whisper words of love and hope into your heart. Maybe He wants to say…

I made you for more than this life that you have been living, and I think you know that.

I know that you are terrified to dream big, because it is scary…and definitely not safe! People don’t approve. They tell you that it is not realistic and that it won’t happen.

Trust Me! Don’t limit me to what you can see or think about. I am limitless. Dare to dream as big as you would like!

I created you with a massive amount of potential that I am just waiting for you to discover for yourself!

What if you have been alive, but not really…living?! What about thriving? Yes, right where you’re at. Right now. For the record, I don’t think dreaming of an adventurous life means leaving where you are right now and chasing some dream that is crazy. It doesn’t necessarily meaning spontaneously picking up everything you own and moving. Maybe it’s more of an attitude. An attitude to decide that you’re going to live an adventurous life right where you’re at. An attitude of positivity that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at the moment.

But don’t get so busy everyday that you forget to really, truly live. Do something you enjoy doing, just because. Spend special time with Jesus in a way that you can really connect with him. And remember, Adventure is out there! #MessyMondays


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