#WednesdayWorkoutBlog |RefuseToRegret|


You know that moment when you’re trying to decide whether or not to work out that day? You know you should, and you even planned for it, but you just really don’t feel like it. Suddenly excuses cloud your whole mind and you can’t think of anything else. You’re tired. You feel lazy. The weather really isn’t that great. You’d rather do ______ instead. The list could really go on and on. I know that moment.

I think every person who runs or works out knows that moment.

But I think that it’s important to remember the good moments at that time. Do you remember when you finished a particularly difficult run, but you’re proud of yourself because you did what you thought you couldn’t. Do you remember when you finished a run, even if it wasn’t a good one, but you can even be proud of yourself because you finished it! Do you remember a run that was just terrible, but you can even be proud of that one because you know that it just brought you one step closer to all of your goals? Have you ever regretted any of those moments? Have you ever thought that it was a waste of time, or that you wish that you hadn’t ran that day?

There have been days for me when my runs were just awful. It was hot and humid. Sunny. All of which drained my energy crazy fast. I couldn’t even run a mile fully, much less get to my goal distance for the day! I was particularly down on myself that day, which made it even worse for me. I had no energy. I felt horrible about myself. But I did it. Even though it wasn’t great. Even though I felt horrible about myself and that run, I ran anyway! I got over my mood and how that run felt. But I kept the feeling of being proud that I ran…through the hard, through the tough, even though my mind was telling me to just quit.

Then there have been days when I didn’t run. Didn’t work out. Had a lazy day. I regret those days. Bad runs are better than no runs. Those days have made me feel so much worse about myself than even the worst run that I’ve had.

Refuse to regret!


What are some things that you could start doing to cause you to not regret things about your life in the future?

Live with intention. Live with no regrets.

What do you need to deal with today?

Get out there and run. Push through your feelings when you don’t feel like being uncomfortable for a little while. Make sure your mind is in a healthy place, just as you make sure that your body is. No regrets!


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