#MessyMondays |Comfort|

Yes, I am again aware that it is Tuesday instead of Monday for this #MessyMonday blog series. I’m a day late. Again. But the inspiration and desire to write comes when it comes, right?! I’m laying here in my hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee and I have some time and some thoughts, so why not write a little, right?

Today’s Topic: Comfort.

Do you relate to needing to be comforted in some way or another? Maybe when you were little, you scraped your knee and you ran to your Mom for comfort. Maybe as you got older, you started looking for comfort in other places as life got tougher and you grew up. Boyfriends. Close friends. Parents. Siblings. People you looked up to. We all feel the need to be comforted here and there. Maybe you feel the need to be comforted by God when you cry out to him. When you tell him that you just don’t understand why he’s taking you through all of this or how all of this will be a good thing in the end. When you try to praise him, because that’s what you feel like you should do, but you end up just broken and crying anyway.

I love a quote in the book “Do you know who I am?” by Angela Thomas:

“We must not think of comfort in terms of ‘sympathy,’ because sympathy can weaken us instead of strengthen us. God does not pat us on the head and give us a piece of candy or a toy to distract our attention from our troubles. No, He puts strength into our hearts so we can face our trials and triumph over them.” (p. 48)

I loved that, because it helped me put some of my thoughts into perspective. Sometimes we tend to think that God owes us, in a way, to “give us a treat” (so to speak) when we have been going through a rough time. We somehow think we deserve more than this? We think we deserve a treat of our choice because we got through something hard….right?!


God gives us strength. He gives us peace. He gives us hope. To get through the rough times. Even to get through the times that we think there is no possible way we can get through. We see walls. Dead ends. God sees the big picture. He sees the progress we’re making. He sees our struggling hearts. He sees the possibilities and opportunities that he has placed right in front of us!

God is a God of comfort. That is in His character. Reading the quote above helped me understand more of what that means. To me. To you. It’s so personal. You see, He loves you way more than if he just handed you a treat or a toy to distract you from your trials. He knows that you will learn so much through it and He is ready and willing to equip you with everything that you need to get through it!


He is higher. He is stronger. He is our comfort. ❤


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