#WednesdayWorkoutBlog |Peace|


It’s such a strange concept to me, but isn’t it interesting how sometimes when you’re in the middle of your run (or probably whenever during your run that you are finally in your groove and when you have finally found your pace and not fighting against your mind so much…), you can suddenly feel a peace. Running allows you to escape from things for a while. It gives you an opportunity to think about what has been going on and, if you can, let it go.

Those are the good runs. The runs where you beat your distance and/or time. The runs when your mind shuts up and you run not only with your body, but with your heart and soul. The runs that you actually enjoy. The weather isn’t unbearable…it’s just you, the pavement, music, and God.

Then there are the ‘bad’ runs. Unfortunately, I know about those all too well right now. Yesterday I ended up running about 4.8 miles (even though my goal was 4 for that day…I misjudged how far away from home I was getting lol), but it was not a good run. I hated it. I fought against myself the whole time. I was dreading it when I started it, so of course it didn’t turn out well! I ended up walking a lot of it…a lot more than I should be by now. I’ve been running for a good long while now, so it was frustrating for me to feel like that. I got a blister on my heel from that “run”. I felt terrible about myself when I returned because I didn’t feel like I had given my best to that run. My mind wouldn’t shut up, and I let it hold me back and stop me from giving my all. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very peaceful.

But I also know the feeling of a great run. Everything just ‘runs’ (haha) smoothly and I’m able to enjoy it and feel peace. And know that I am really working my butt off for something that I really think is worth it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gotten into and there are days when I simply have to push through and get to the end and hope for a better run and workout tomorrow.

My encouragement to you today, is to find certain places and situations where you can really allow God to flow peace into your life. Feel peace about your life. God in control. He’s working behind the scenes and, if you just hold on a little bit longer, He will make those things known to you, as well as others, most likely. God wants you to feel peace. He wants you to trust Him with everything you have. He wants you to feel joy. Keep pushing through those days that seem impossible. Keep pushing through those days where you think there is no way you can ever feel peace about this. Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep going. Keep pushing through.

What are you not feeling peace about?

What are some things that you can do that gives you a connection with God and allows you to feel His peace washing over you?

Is running one of those things? If so, what kind of things can you be thinking about as you head out for your run? What ways of thinking allows you to feel the most peace? Joy? Contentment?

Just a few thoughts for you (and me!) today. Happy Wednesday 🙂


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