Thoughts on a Friday evening while at work

Great title, I know. :p

I’m sitting here at work. To think that just yesterday there were still hardly any cars on campus, and I was going absolutely crazy sitting here at work for 8 hours straight with quite literally nothing to do and nobody to talk to! Today, though, there are cars and people everywhere! They still isn’t too many people here in the gym, since people are just getting here and everything, but there have definitely been a lot more people walking through…and I am just realizing how encouraging and great it is to see people I know walk by and for them to stop and talk to me for a little bit, no matter how short of a time it is. When possible, it is such a blessing to stop and talk to someone. Even for a few minutes at a time. It brightens my day. Maybe it brightens other people’s days too.

Anyway, I’m sitting here trying to catch up on emails that I’ve had in my inbox for FAR too long. Blog posts from different people. And when I read tons of blog posts, I sometimes get inspired to write my own, although they aren’t nearly as well said as theirs! (Check out Holley Gerth. She’s the best!)

As usual, my thoughts seem a little scattered and random, so hopefully you don’t mind if they are a little here-and-there. But hopefully they will all make sense in the end!

I think that so many times we believe we’re hearing things from God. We think he’s telling us something. He’s convicting us. He’s telling us something about our worth, our beauty, how we relate to others, etc… And I believe that He does speak to us concerning those things. But sometimes, I think we mistake the voice of someone else, as God’s.

We feel as though it is the truth. We are overcome with guilt and shame, and think that God is convicting us. We are ashamed of our ourselves, and we think it’s from God. We may even be thinking negatively about our beauty and body image, and think that maybe that is the truth and the right voice to listen to. But does God speak that way? Does God speak in fear, guilt, shame, and whatever other negative word you want to insert?

What if you listened to the voice of God from the Bible? The God who loves you, not because of what you’ve done, but because of who’s you are?! The God who speaks in love, peace, joy, mercy, kindness? He does use the Holy Spirit to convict you of your sin, when necessary, but I suggest that most of what we hear and think is from God, really isn’t.

God doesn’t condemn. He convicts, so that we can become better. He doesn’t speak to you in fear, but gently extends grace to you every time that you fall. He doesn’t look at you and call you ugly and fat. He looks at you with love. Every part of you. Because He created you. And He loves you just as you are. Even when my hair’s a mess and I’m not wearing any makeup? Yes, Child, even then. Even on my ‘fat’ days, the days when I feel especially fat. Yes. You are loved far more than you know. You can achieve much more than you think you can and my grace and love will be there for you each scary, shaky step out of  your comfort zone. Every single step. I’m there.

#FridayFindings #FoodforThought


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