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It’s Thursday, so obviously it’s time for a Wednesday Workout Post…haha (yeah, sorry).

First of all, I feel like I have to say that I feel like a hypocrite right now as I write these (hopefully) encouraging words…I haven’t run in so long (probably a month or so), and I feel super bad about it…so, just know that I am writing these words more to myself than to anyone else…


Running is difficult. Working out is difficult. If it was easy, everyone would do it. But do you know what makes it great? It’s hard. And not everybody can do it. But if you’ve kept at it all of this time, through perceived failure, ‘bad’ runs, and disappointments, I fully believe that you’ve got what it takes. Some days it sucks. Some days it actually feels really awesome, though! But the point is, if (actually I should say when), running is hard, that is the very moment when you should push yourself a little bit longer than you think you can go. That is when your real strength shines through. Not your own strength, but God’s. Because when you are weak, then you are strong {2 Corinthians 12:10}.

For whatever reason, running is hard and it seems like the longer you run, in some ways, the harder it gets. Sure, you get in better shape and you know what it feels like to have a great run. But the longer you run, the more tired you can get. The more times that you go running, the more your mind often starts to talk yourself out of going on another run, because all of your worst runs come to mind. Maybe this is me, but it’s easier to forget the amazing runs that you’ve had and you are focused on the times when you have felt awful, so why would you want to put yourself through that again?!

But those are the moments that you must push through. The hardest, most difficult moments, are also the most important. Those are the moments when you really decide whether you’re going to get back up again and keep fighting, or give up forever. It’s your choice. To keep going. To keep running. To keep improving and chasing the impossible, only to stand back and watch God help you achieve what you thought was impossible. To keep achieving greatness. It’s your choice.

{And it’s the same in life}.


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