#SundayFunday |Better Version of YOU|

I went to church at Southbrook today. I love that church so much.

Charlie talked about becoming the best version of ourselves.

God is in the business of taking you, {and me}, just as we are and changing us into better versions of ourselves. We were born with the potential to be awesome, to have the right attitudes and motivations, to have the right desires, to serve and bless others with no thought of ourselves… {etc.}, and God is continually molding us into that person that we can become.

He could have chosen to make us into completely different people when we accept him and as we continue to follow him and grow in our faith. He could change our weaknesses {or, more accurately perceived weaknesses} into strength and beauty.

When you accepted Christ, He could have looked at the flaws that you think is what unqualifies you to be used by God and changed them.

You say: But God, I’m an introvert. Maybe if you make me an extrovert, I could be better used by you because I could reach more people.

God says: You are perfect just the way that I created you. I will perfect your tendency of being an introvert so you know when to step out of your comfort zone and talk to people, and when it’s much better for your health {and others’!} if you step back for a bit and have some time for yourself to re-charge. Besides, who’s going to be able to speak to the introverts if I made all of my children extroverts? Nobody would understand each other!

You say: But God, I am insecure. I’m not a great speaker. I don’t come up with great one-liners that people will remember forever because it’s so powerful. I can’t help people like she can.

God says: You’re right. You can’t help people like she/he can. Because I have made you to help people and bless them in a way that only you can! 🙂 You have weaknesses, but that’s when my strength is revealed in you and made evident to both you and others through you.

In your moments of greatest weakness, I can come in and give you a better version of yourself.

God is making you more like you than you’ve ever been before! Isn’t that awesome?! He doesn’t look at you and want to change everything about you and completely wipe your unique qualities when you turn to Him. He looks at you and loves what he sees. He sees every weakness that has slowly been changing into strengths. He sees every flaw we think will never go away {and maybe we’re right…} but He knows that there is a purpose for that and soon, we will see why that wasn’t a mistake after all. He sees all of your potential, all of the clutter inside of your heart, the baggage that has been weighing you down for far too long, He sees the talents that come so naturally to you that you don’t even think they’re talents {but they are}, He sees… {and He loves you, right now, just as you are}. He’s changing you into someone better, yes. But that ‘someone better’ is simply a better version of you to glorify and worship God with all that you do, {and to bless others with everything that you are, in a way that only you can}.

I hope that encourages you like it encouraged me ❤


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