|d a y o n e|

Day One

I have had |Day One|’s before…and I probably (most definitely, actually) will have more of them. That’s what it means to be human. You start over. You say to yourself: “This time I won’t give up! This time I really mean it and it’s for real!” Well, how many times have you said that to yourself?

For me, the struggle of living a healthy, happy, beautiful lifestyle is extremely real. Living a fit lifestyle, being healthy in every aspect of your life…that’s what’s hard! I’ve had several ‘day one’s’ when it comes to running in the past. I started another ‘day one’ at the beginning of last summer. I told myself that, even after the summer ended, I would continue running as I had been all summer (and I did keep it up fairly well all summer!). But then everyone came back, so I told myself that I would just take a few days off of running as everyone was coming back and things were crazy with people and school starting soon and everything. But then more excuses caught up with me and my will to keep fighting to keep up the disciplines dwindled. School got crazier. Volleyball season started. Then I told myself that I would wait until after volleyball season, but thankfully my boyfriend wanted to work out with me, and we started seriously thinking about what we need to do as far as working out for this week (before volleyball season ends).

Today is my Day One. It is a new beginning and a new start. I tend to get really down on myself and frustrated with myself because I can’t perform as I think I should. I think I should be able to do anything, because I want to be able to sooo bad. I want my end result…right now. The problem is, that can’t happen. Getting fit and learning how to live that way and become the best version of myself that I can, is 100% a process that can’t be cheated or short-cut. Cheating will only hurt YOU!

Today’s ThoughtsToday, my main enemy was mental. I know that that is extremely important in any form of exercise, but my mind was quite literally beating me up today. We ran two miles today, after not running for a long time. My mind kept telling me over and over again to quit…and I wanted to listen. I stopped a little. I got angry. However, I didn’t focus my anger on the right things. I think it’s okay to be angry. Be angry that I’m tired. Be angry that it hurts and I’m out of shape and that I can’t perform as I want to. But it’s important to not be angry as I was today. I was pulling all my anger and focusing it on myself, tearing myself down. Telling myself that I can’t do it (which is a word that I hope to slowly rip from my vocabulary). Telling myself that I am fat and ugly and that I will never be able to change because I couldn’t keep up with my boyfriend and because I gave up sooner. That I gave up at ALL. I am learning that a discipline such as working out is all about how to focus your emotions and keeping a positive outlook…and, even if you’re not satisfied with your performance today…there’s always tomorrow.

I’ve heard plenty of quotes about not comparing yourself to other people (in this case while working out/running, etc.), but to compare yourself to the person that you were yesterday. I think that that is an extremely important point to remember and something that I definitely find extremely difficult to do, especially when running/working out with other people or when a lot of other people are around. But who knows how long they’ve been doing what you just started today. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing the best that you can today, and that is all that God expects from you, so it’s all that you should expect from yourself. Beat your time from yesterday. Beat your performance from yesterday. Hold the plank a little longer. Run a little further. Have a better mindset today than you did yesterday. Be more positive. Little things go a long ways. 

Summary of today: It was hard. Tough. Tested me physically and mentally. But I did it, and that’s something to be proud of. The thing is, obviously there won’t be results yet. It’s the first day! But I think it’s important to be proud of yourself every single step of the journey. Proud that you went out for that run even when (and especially when!) it was so difficult for you, etc. So, if nothing else, I’m proud that I did it today. Not only did we run 2 miles, but we started a full body workout challenge today to be done every day this week. We did 13 different bodyweight exercises. It was a pretty slow pace because it was the first day…trying to figure out the different exercises and stuff, but it will get faster and results will come…….in time. I wanted to quit. I got frustrated. I got angry. I failed. But I also succeeded because I did it…and I’m proud of myself every time I lace up my running shoes and just do it

Who’s with me? Please share your workout/running journey with me and what it is teaching you about life and about yourself ❤ I’d love to hear it. Keep going. Day One is never a good indicator as to how the rest of the journey will go. Keep pushing through, One Day at a time (not two or three, or the whole week…but one day at a time). You can do this!!


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