The Root of Fear

The Root of Fear

At church this past week, he talked about fear. This phrase stuck out to me and has been swirling around in my head ever since:: {The root of fear is the loss of control}.

Why do we feel the need to control every situation? Everywhere we find ourselves, we often find ourselves seeking for control. That’s where we find peace. When we know that we can control the outcome. We feel safe when we know where we’re going.

But then life happens. So many things are outside of our control. Depression and anxiety are certainly out of your control. That is when fear makes it’s appearance. When there is a complete loss of control, we see chaos. We see anxiety. We see fear.

But maybe, just maybewhat if

This is exactly where God wants you to be?! What if that place of no control is where God wants us to be. But instead of feeling fear, that’s where we have peace.

I think that God wants us to be in that place of loss of control, and we know it. Because we’re really not in control, no matter how many times we try to convince ourselves that we are. We aren’t. So I think that that is where God calls us to be. No control. Chaos. Place of anxiety and fear. But instead of reacting that way, He wants us to run to him. With raw, honest prayer. Placing all of that in front of Him for him to replace with peace. Joy. Love.

Another thing that the Pastor said this past weekend was:: {Rather than allow your fear to control you, wrestle with that and allow the voice of God to overcome your fear}.

Your fear is real. Did you hear that?! I’ll say it one more time, because it’s more important than you might think: YOU’RE FEAR IS REAL! Maybe people don’t acknowledge your fears and your feelings enough. What you’re afraid of…what you’re holding onto and what is holding you back, is not stupid. It’s not weird. It’s real. And it hurts. I know. Don’t stuff it down any longer. Don’t convince yourself that it’s nothing, because deep down it still freaks you out. Define it. Struggle with it. Wrestle  with it!

I think that is the place that God calls us to be. He wants us to wrestle with our fears, our failures, our struggles…because that is what refines us! We can’t let fear control us any longer. We can’t let fear keep stopping us from living the wonderful life that we all know deep down that we really can live!

What is holding you back? From the life that you imagine. How do you want your life to turn out? What do you want it all to look like? Can you see it? How bad do you want it? What is stopping you from getting there? What do you need to deal with to get it out of the way…forever?!

You are not in control. As much as you want to be, you’re not. I’m not. Those things we’re holding onto…even the little things that we are grasping at because we think we can control those small things…need to slip from our tired fingers. It’s exhausting, trying to control everything. And it’s a loosing battle. One we won’t win. That life that you imagine is out there. It is! Loose control. Let that weight slip from your weary shoulders. Forgive yourself, and others. Be in that place of fear. But then, allow Christ to come in and fill you with life! Right now. True life. Complete life. Satisfied life. Healthy, happy, beautiful life. Peace. Joy. Happiness. He can do that, in the chaos. In the storm. In the confusion. In the loss of control. Put one foot in front of the other and submit to the will of God and say:: {I’m going to trust God through this}.