An Artist.

You are proof that God is an artist. Not just in He an artist, He is the most creative, passionate, artistic, loving artist of all time. Think about it…

Once there was a beautiful woman. Her name was Eve. God created her with out flaws. Her skin was flawless. Her hair must have been shiny, soft, and gorgeous. Everything about her was Captivating. She must have had the most beautiful soul you could imagine. With kindness, compassion, and love shining through her pretty eyes.

Then she messed up.

Not just, sort of messed up.

This time it was pretty huge.

Now there’s you. There’s me. When you look in the mirror, all you see is imperfection. All you see are your mistakes. Your flaws, whether physically or inside you. You have a bad hair day, you deem that day as terrible. When pimples start to form on your face, you no longer want to be around people, for fear of them making fun of you for an obvious blemish on your face. Constantly afraid of rejection because of what you look like, or how you act.

But God took one look at you, before you were even born, and said. “This girl is special. I love her very much. She doesn’t know it yet, but I have big plans for her future.” He took you and called you his. He took your pain. Your hurt. You loss. You discouragement. Everything. Upon Himself and washed you completely clean by His blood and what He did for you on the cross. You are His blank canvas which He delights to paint images of love and grace on. He looks on your life as a blank space, forgiving you of your past sins and ready to keep forgiving you of your failures. He intends to write beautiful letters and form amazing words to describe who you are, when you will let Him do so. Words that you would never use to describe yourself. But these are the things that He truly sees in you.

Worthy | Of love, of protection, of safety, of joy, of happiness, of love, of abundant life, a hopeful future, Of His love!

Beautiful | There is no flaw in you {Song of Solomon 4:7} You are beautiful, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made {Psalm 139:14} The King is enthralled with YOUR beauty!! {Psalm 45:11} You are a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord {Isaiah 62:3}

Valuable | Read {Psalm 139}

He has called you so many different wonderful and beautiful words. Your canvas isn’t too messed up for him to make beauty from. It’s not too tainted with sin. It’s not too messy, or too far gone. He sees a wonderful person. Beautiful. Loved. Cherished. He is forming you into the person that you were always meant to be…slowly, but surely. You are becoming that woman that He has always seen in you! You will start to see it too.


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