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Health & Fitness is hard.

Being fat, uncomfortable in your own skin, depressed and sad every time you look in the mirror, feeling sluggish and lazy with no energy and having a bleak look at life is hard.

Which hard will you choose?

If you’ve followed my journey at all, you know I’ve had my terrible days.

Days when all I could focus on is that the number on the scale definitely isn’t going down (maybe even going up)…

Days when it felt like no matter how many steps I THOUGHT I had taken forward, I felt like I had actually taken MANY backwards.

Days when I took another progress photo (after a MONTH), and I see no difference. No change. No more life than the last time.

I have those days…a LOT, actually. And I’m sure you do too.

The other day, though, I had a great day.

It’s finals week, here at Cedarville. Everyone is crazy busy and stressed, and there is just generally a lot going on. I am extremely grateful to have an easier load for finals week this semester than I sometimes have had. But even still, I’m still busy. Trying to meet up with people for the last time that semester/ever. Playing volleyball alongside with the Seniors that I have now played with for four years as often as I can before we all say our goodbyes and go separate ways. Still looking for a job for the first part of the summer, as well as next school year.


L i f e  i s  c r a z yyyyyy

Tuesday afternoon is usually one of my heavier workout days. Throughout this semester I have had first volleyball class (first half of the semester) and then tennis class (second half of the semester) at 12:30 on Tuesdays & Thursdays. This has been perfect for me because I have used that as my warm up, and then worked out before I had to go pick up my boyfriend from his internship in Xenia around 2:50-3pm.

This Tuesday, I obviously no longer had Tennis class, but I wanted to workout anyway, and my boyfriend want to as well. We went to the gym. He had to talk to someone, so I jumped on the elliptical and did my usual 30 minute workout (that I have been doing fairly consistently at least every TR, rarely skipping). This time I went through one of the training workouts, though (rolling hills), which is a bit harder than what I have been doing. Because working out on the elliptical isn’t like running at all, you usually get in about 2 miles at the end of that 30 minutes. Not a fast mile, but I believe it has been helping me with endurance, because I obviously cannot stop anywhere in that time.

Somehow, I felt a little stronger that day than I usually do. I went a tad faster, and felt better in general throughout the workout. As I was finishing up my elliptical workout, I started thinking about what else I should do. I decided I wanted to push myself.

I got off the elliptical after 30 minutes had passed and, after drinking water, went directly to a mat to workout my abs, since we missed that part on Monday when we worked out and I really wanted to get it in. I started with

Crunches       1 0 0

Scissor Kicks  20


Previously, I think the most crunches that I have done in one time without stopping was      5 0. I felt like pushing myself. The truth is, I didn’t know if I could do it. But I felt like being a little crazy and really pushing myself, literally beyond what I thought I was capable of!

The next section…

Slow roll-ups   1 0

Rolling plank    :3 0


Let me tell you something, I’m scared of planks. Silly? Yeah…But I am. But I’m trying to conquer that fear, simply by facing it head-on. (And I did a super heavy arm workout on Monday, so they were already tired…) But I did it!

And then I finished up with <<Russian twists with 12 lb medicine ball (20) & racquetball for 15 minutes.>>

For whatever reason, though, I felt incredibly strong. When I pushed myself past my own limits, there was strength. Stability. Focus. Love. Confidence. Happiness. I knew I DID something super hard…but I finished it, and I knew that that would make a difference in my body someday, even if it doesn’t show as I want it to for a few days, yet (as I continue to workout and trust the process!)

Maybe this is what’s important. We aren’t supposed to live inside our own limits. Comfort zones. Terms. Closed-minded ways of living. Maybe, if we dare to brush past those expectations, habits, and demands…that’s where we could find true LIFE!

Strength. A strength that goes beyond you. Beyond me. A deeper kind of strength. One that comes from God and can be humbly seen by others.

Focus. Focusing on what is important in that moment, and ignoring the rest. This is what I’m doing, therefore this is the most important to me in this moment.

Love, Confidence, and Happiness. Love for yourself, which means you have the ability to now love others as Christ would. Love for God, and seeing His hand in your life. Confidence that you are beautiful, strong, athletic. And you no longer have to stoop down and play the comparison game. You don’t need it anymore, because you KNOW of your worth. You know who you belong to. You know why you do the things you do, which means you’re the best that you’re supposed to be in that! You do deserve happiness. You can be happy.

Life. Or Death?

Which one do you choose? 

Why do you workout?


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