Living for likes, Longing for love

Longing for Love

You open Instagram. Immediately you see that little notification tab. You wait for it to refresh, thinking that there must be notifications. You posted three photos just a few minutes ago. There’s not. You’re crushed. Does anybody care about me? I thought that post was particularly encouraging and great, but apparently nobody else agrees. Somehow that defeats you. Somehow that means way too much to you.

We live for Facebook and Instagram likes. We like the attention. We feel good about ourselves. But what is really happening there, below the surface?

We are pushing our loneliness aside, to make room for immediate affirmations and in some cases, even begging for it! We are that desperate for love, attention, affirmation, encouragement, that we are willing to practically beg for it. In the meantime, what happens to that loneliness? It certainly doesn’t go away. Instead, we long for more.

“Okay, what she said was great, I guess…but what does he think?”

What about this photo?

What about this clever caption?

Does anybody love me?

We are so desperate to get those likes on social media…at least, we think that’s what we want.

Deep down, what’s the truth? You want love. Affirmation. Encouragement. Attention. To be // k n o w n //. Truly. Deeply. Unconditionally. Fully. Completely.

I have an addiction to affirmation. I want it. I seek it. When it doesn’t come, I’m sad and lonely. It makes me feel good about myself, but the problem with me is that I feel like I can’t really trust it. I can’t believe it. So it’s never enough. Someone compliments me, I say thanks and move on to the next person that I am hoping will compliment me or affirm me and my existence. I easily forget the good things people say to me, while I hang onto the bad for dear life. I hate that. It’s a terrible thing, and something to work on.

What if we were so full of Christ’s love, that we no longer had to recklessly pursue the love of others. What if we were CONFIDANT of who God says we are, so nothing else matters. What if we were so FULL of love and grace, that the overflow would sweep others up and they would be brought along with us. What if we could stop living for likes. Maybe what would follow would be exactly what we need. L O V E. Get rid of those endless, heavy chains that keep holding us back from the amazing life that God can see for us…but we can’t yet see. What is holding you back?

// F e a r //

// F r i e n d s //

// F a m i l y //

// Y o u r s e l f //

What is it? Are you happy with your life? Is this… REAL life? The life that God has planned for you. Or have you settled with something you hate. Given up, because the process is too long and too difficult. What is it. We all long for love.

God has more than enough to give and it fills us up way more than any other human ever could. There is Love. Life. Joy. Happiness. Out there. You can do it.


*Thoughts from “Rock City” church in Columbus, OH.


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