{Health&Fitness} Definitely not boring



Today, I decided that I wanted to try a fun workout at home, using mostly bodyweight exercises. (I say mostly because my family owns a stability ball and a few weights, which I used for a few of the workouts). You, however, can totally skip those workouts or not put those workouts on the index cards if you don’t have access to these things, or you can change it slightly to meet your needs with where you are at the moment.


I saw this idea on pinterest (where else?) and I finally gave it a try this afternoon!

First of all, I already had a few workouts written out on index cards. I grabbed these cards and made a few extras. Then I divided them into sections, based on the kind of workout: i.e. abs, butt & legs, arms, and cardio. You could also simply keep them all in one pile, and just see what you get…but that way it won’t be as evenly divided and you won’t get a full-body workout, most likely. But that’s completely up to you and what you want for that day! Also, if you just wanted to focus on one section of your body that day (i.e. arms), you could write a lot of different exercises for your arms on index cards and just use those. It’s completely flexible!


Then I grabbed the uno deck that we have at our house. I shuffled the cards first. Then I picked up the first card. Then I assigned a workout group (abs, butt & legs, arms, or cardio) to the color that was on that card. And then I did that for each color, including the wild cards. (For that I just repeated the ab group because I wanted to).

Then, because it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day, and because I am obsessed with being outside, especially on beautiful days like this, I carried my cards and workout equipment outside! That’s where I set everything up. I laid everything on the grass (watch out for wind! It sorta messed things up for me once today…). I kept my colored card on top of the workout that I was working on so that I would keep the colors and workouts straight (i.e. I kept the initial red card that I had picked out on top of the initial workout that I had picked (such as a leg workout)).

I picked up the first card. I then looked at the color and noticed which color workout that went with. Then, I did as many reps as was on the card! For wild cards, the initial number was 11. If it was a +2, +4, etc., I would do 11 +2, or 11+4 (and that went with +2 colored cards as well). Obviously you can do this however you want too, that is just how I did it.


When I made it to five cards of the same color (that I had already ‘used’, or completed that workout), I gathered up those cards and placed them in a pile. Then I would replace that workout with another workout of the same group (i.e. if I had completed the workout of 5 red cards, I took those cards away so I wouldn’t get them confused with any other piles. Then, if that color represented the ab workouts, I shuffled the ab workout index cards that I had and randomly chose (without looking!) another workout. So the next time I drew a red, I would do that workout instead!) Again, this is just how I did it. Any other ideas on how to do it differently? I also just saw a ‘0’ as a ‘by’, but you can treat these things completely different, or whatever best suits your needs or wants!

However, DON’T skip cards! I know it’s tempting…some of the exercises I had on there were really difficult, and then I picked up cards with high reps on them! These were difficult and I wanted to skip, or quit in the middle, but I didn’t! I forced myself to complete the set (I never even stopped in the middle to take a rest, even though I thought I was going to have too…if you have been working out for a while, try to not take rests in between!). Stick to it. And sometimes the reps are so low, you wonder if it’s even worth it. Like a ‘1’ card. Don’t skip it! I believe that every rep counts!


At the end of my workout (I worked at it for about an hour…I was originally going to finish the stack of uno cards, but then I realized that I was hungry and really did need food-haha-and that I had been working out for a long time already), this is what I had completed:

Burpees: 9 (I had stopped before I had finished 5 cards)

Roll-up: 11 (I had stopped before I had finished 5 cards)

Bicep curls: 18

Windshield wipers: 21

Plank jump-ins: 56 (This was one of the workouts I desperately wanted to skip! Especially since I had chosen this (without looking!) as my wild card workout. Although that means it didn’t come up as often as the others, it also meant more reps! Tons of +4 cards!)

Bridge: 32 seconds

Butt kicks: 33

Step ups: 44 (a step on the back porch of my house!)

Shoulder press: 27

Squats: 31

High knees: 32

Oblique crunches on stability ball: 51

Lunge step ups: 52

Push-up with side opening: 27 (Trust me, this was definitely another one that I didn’t think I could do, and wanted to skip or quit or take a rest! But I didn’t even allow myself to take a rest in the middle of the set! Keep going, you can do more than you think you can!)

Mountain climbers: 41

Stairs (steps): 28 (At this time I didn’t have the option of stairs unless I went inside my house to run up and down the stairs, so I just ran on the step on the back porch instead!)

While all of those were broken up, I completed each and every one of those reps! It looks like a lot (my legs were kind of shaking when I went inside and who knows what I’m going to feel tomorrow! lol), it was kinda fun! My point? Working out doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t even have to take time to go to the gym (or pay for a membership) to live a healthy lifestyle! This was something fun that I did outside (you could easily do inside if you are more comfortable there…I just prefer being outside on beautiful days!), and something that I enjoyed! And now I feel AMAZING, knowing that I did more than I ever thought I could do!


What are your fun workout ideas? What are some things you would do to change this one?

And DON’T FORGET YOUR WATER!!! I have this adorable little mug/cup that helps me keep on track with drinking enough water (or, I’m hoping it will as I attempt to make it a healthy habit of mine!). There’s just something about having something cute that really helps! I brought it right outside with me and kept it in the shade! Keep drinking 🙂



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