{Create} Bullet Journal, part one

Okay, so I promised to write a post (or a couple of posts) about my bullet journal, so I hope people read it and enjoy it 🙂

First, if you don’t know what it is, here’s my explanation:

A totally customizable, cute planner system

Simple. Right?

Well, there’s soooo much more (better things!) to it than that, and I’m going to let you in to what I have done with MY bullet journal so far (I’ve only had mine since the very end of the school year, so I haven’t been doing it very long at all).

Here’s what I LOVE about the system, and why I think it’s a good fit for me (and why it might be for you!):

  • It’s a planner so I can write down all of my to-do lists and deadlines so I don’t forget anything. I figured out a WHILE ago that I need some kind of system to write these things in, or I will “forget” everything, and NEVER get anything done!
  • It’s COMPLETELY customizable! This means that you can make it as cute, or simple, as you like! For me, when things are cute, I am MUCH more likely to actually use them. So, this is why I love the bullet journal set up soooo much! If you are an artist, this also might be a good choice for you (and it will look MUCH better than mine! lol).
  • It allows me to track whatever I want to. Not only is it a place for me to write my To-Do lists and Deadlines (especially needed during the school year)…but it also allows me to document lists, track habits, create 30-day challenges, etc.! But more on that later…
  • You can add as much, or as little, as you want to. And IT’S ALL UP TO YOU! Literally the whole system is up to you, which is great! If you want to add in all the details, you can! If you want to just jot down a few lines and you’ll remember what they mean, that’s just as good!
  • If something doesn’t turn out the way you think it should, OR it doesn’t work for you…you can change it next time! The whole system is built on GRACE, not perfection (at least that’s my motto for it!). For example, if you draw out a weekly spread, and then when you’re done you find out that you HATE how it looks, you don’t ever have to use it again. You can go ahead and use it for that week (to not waste paper & space…but you don’t have to), and then reevaluate what you could do better next time, or change the look altogether! OR, you draw out a habit tracker one way, but then as you go realize that it doesn’t look like you thought it would, or it doesn’t work as well as you want it too, next month you can try something new, which is awesome! Or if you try something out, and then realize that you really didn’t need to include it, or it doesn’t help you…you’ve learned and you won’t have to draw it again! However on the flip-side, if something TOTALLY works for you, you have every chance to make it even BETTER next time, and you learn and grow and your productivity and happiness really should grow as well!
  • It’s fun, and not a boring recording of things to do as ‘normal’ planners are. I love cute things. And I think it’s fun to look up inspiration on pinterest (seriously, look it up because there are sooo many good ideas, and that’s where I got pretty much all of my ideas…at least what I started with!). And, even though I completely suck at drawing, I think it’s fun to try to do artsy things, even if they have to be simple because I’m not that great. If you’re amazing at calligraphy, your bullet journal would be sooo beautiful! I might have to learn to be better at that! But I don’t see using my bullet journal as a boring thing that I ‘should’ do, to make sure I get things done, etc…as I often saw my planner as. My bullet journal actually kinda excites me (lol laugh if you want…), and I enjoy logging new things, recording things, trying to get healthier habits so that I can live the life that I want to live, etc.

That’s enough about that. You probably get the point. I think it’s awesome. What do you think so far??


Well…I didn’t buy a whole lot, because I am not in the position to be able to do that 😦 Some day, if I’m still into this (which I probably will be), and I have a little more extra money, I may invest in more ‘equipment’ for the bullet journal so that it looks nicer, it’s more fun, etc. For example, I’ve heard you can get really cute stickers or stamps that would spice it up nicely, without you having to be a good artist.

  • Pens.
    • Alright, so good pens really matter. And it’s all up to you on what pens you want to get! I know you can get nicer pens than I have, but I decided to just use the ones that I already had lying around…for me, I LOVE colors, so I had to have plenty of colorful pens! I’ve always been this way, and about each school year (or a little longer than that) I buy a colorful pen set from Walmart (and I use them, a LOT!). For me, a bullet journal with NO COLOR would be absolutely boring. Up to you, tho. That’s what I have.
  • Notebook.
    • Oh, did I mention that the bullet journal is really just in a notebook? Therefore, you can do whatever you want as far as which notebook you want to use! I know they make specific notebooks that are better for Bullet Journals, but if you want to go a cheaper option, there’s no shame and you could probably make it work just fine. I got the Leuchtturm notebook. I got blue this time, but I believe there are a couple other different colors that I will need to try next time!


So, again…the equipment is up to you! How much do you want to spend? You CAN buy more expensive, or more stuff…but the point is, you can do it very simply with nice pens you already have, and maybe buying a nice notebook, like one of the ones I got. Go for it!

I will write more on this soon! 🙂 Tell me what you think about this so far 🙂 Comments? What do you think about it? Are you thinking about trying it? What are your reasons to start a bullet journal?! Questions about how it works, or anything like that? I will show photos in my next post about some of my logs, trackers, and weekly spreads.


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