{Create} Bullet Journal, part two

Check out my first post about my fairly new bullet journal system here to read the intro and some of the reasons why I love it so much, if you missed it! 🙂 Then keep reading 🙂

Alright! Let’s get into my first few pages, and what I’ve done with MY bullet journal…what works and what doesn’t really work, so that I know what to change for next time…and so that you can get an idea for what might work, or not so much, for you! 😀

First things first, the index!

A reason I LOVE this notebook is that it comes with an index written in, and all of the pages are already numbered, as well! So it’s SUPER easy to fill out this index as you keep adding pages to your bullet journal. You simply write the page number(s) down and what it’s about, and then you can continue creating new pages, or filling them out, without having to take MORE time to number pages by hand, or create an index, or something like that! MINE is colorful, because, as I said before, I LOVE COLOR! And also, I typically just write it down in the same color that I was using for that page (laziness… haha). But yours doesn’t have to be, OR the colors could have more significance (which would be a much better idea, and something I should think about for next time haha). So you could color code the areas of interest. Another thing to note is, you don’t have to put every page into the index! In fact, I would suggest not to! Just the ones that you want to remember and probably go back to. So that means NOT putting the weekly spreads in the index, which is a lot of pages that you don’t have to log into the index, which is nice!

A few of the pages that I included in the index is:

  • Gratitude log
  • Habit tracker
  • Expenses
  • Monthly goals


But it’s up to you! What would you like to easily be able to find again? Include, or skip, whatever you would like, since this system is all about what works for YOU and is ultimately for you! 😀

My very next page after the index is my Key:


When I finish this notebook and get another one, I will probably set the key up better than I have here. I need to figure out my color coding system here better, so that I can better use it throughout the notebook with everything I need it for. But these are many of the symbols that are commonly used in the bullet journal community, so I listed them all here. I think they are helpful. I may or may not include this list, or at least this exhaustive list, in every bullet journal that I have in the future because I will get used to using these symbols, etc., but for the first bullet journal, I think it’s a good reminder to have them all listed here. But I may need to do some revising for the future KEY in my next bullet journal.

Another page that I am trying to keep up with is my Gratitude Log.


So far, this is the only design that I have tried. Any ideas for other designs? I like this one, but I’m always open for suggestions! I think it’s cute, but very, very simple, which this VERY non-artist needs! Anyway, basically I just draw a banner with Gratitude Log written in it (as you can see), with the date, along with five dots for each date to list 5 things each day that I am thankful for. Some days I obviously don’t get that done, but that’s the plan, anyway! Gratitude helps you focus on the little things that we so often overlook, and it helps us look at life more positively. Some days it’s rough to find even a couple things that I am really, truly thankful for that day…but over time I start to appreciate those things more and more as I have to search my head and heart to find those blessings in that particularly hard day. If you aren’t currently doing something like this, I would suggest that you try it! It’s really great! 🙂 Also, I usually draw out only a couple of these pages at a time. You can do as many at a time as you want…I just using do a couple pages, and then when it’s all filled in, I just go to the next blank page and draw out the next few pages! (:

Okay! So, how about a look at one of my weekly spreads?? This was actually my very first!


At some point I would really love to get better at calligraphy, because that would just make it look sooo much better. But I decided to keep it simple, especially at first, with the words and all. These first few spreads are quite busy, because this is at the end of the school year when everything is crazy! So anyway, let me walk you through this a bit 🙂

The lines at the top, before the day and the date with the numbers in between them are supposed to be the hours of the day. So, I color coded them so that I colored in when I’m supposed to be sleeping, working out, in class, at work, etc…so then theoretically the blank spaces would be ‘open’ or ‘free’ time. Granted, this time could also be a time when you intentionally plan to get stuff done, because you can see that you don’t have anything planned yet and it’s an open period of time to get work done. That is a good idea. So I have that at the beginning of many of my weekly spreads, though not all.


  • Theoretically it sounds like an awesome, and useful, idea. It SHOULD help me with productivity and planning out my time a little, without having to plan out a time for everything specifically.
  • I love the extra colors 😉


  • I don’t know that I used it to its full potential. Maybe it’s just laziness (probably), but I know I didn’t use my ‘blank space time’ like I should have, to be more productive. But I still think it’s a great idea! You just have to remember to be intentional about all of your time!

The flags are obviously the date, and I like it! It’s colorful and fun, BUT ALSO VERY SIMPLE! (: Other than the obvious task lists that I have up for each day, I also included something that I was counting down to at the time: Graduation! I think it’s fun to look forward to things, and it helps to know that it’s coming up sooner than you may have thought! During that time, it felt like graduation would NEVER get here and school would never end, so it helped me to be able to cross that off at the end of each day (or whatever) and then the next day, I would be able to SEE that it really was one day closer! I loved this! I will be adding the next thing I’m looking forward to on my pages soon, hopefully.

That’s basically what I think needs to be said about that weekly spread, and those pages. Please ask if you have any questions, comment with any suggestions or thoughts, or whatever! What do you think so far?? 🙂 Next post coming soon!


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