Healthy, Happy, Beautiful | Saying No.

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If you’ve talked to me much about life, you probably know that my slogan for the lifestyle that I want to live is: Healthy, Happy, Beautiful. If you ask me what that means to me, that is a much more complicated answer. I’m still figuring it out…day-by-day. But that’s really cool to me, because I know that it has deep meanings that God is still showing me glimpses of, each and every day. What kind of life do you desire? Are you living it? I think so many of us just accept what is ‘happening’ to us, as what our life is going to forever look like. I don’t think that’s right. Yes, there are things we don’t get to choose. And that’s okay. But there are also ways that we can change how we live, in ways that align with our personal goals! {Goals are a FANTASTIC thing, btw! Please have personal goals!!}

What do you feel about saying no? Yep. I felt it. That shudder. That uncomfortable feeling. Looking away. Feeling awkward. Shaking your head slightly. You see, somewhere we got the idea that we’re not allowed to say no. Especially to service. Well, I say that’s bullshit. How is that how God would want us to live? Spreading ourselves so thin that we no longer have the energy or enthusiasm to pursue what we really love? I think that’s missing our calling. When everyone does everything, nobody is placed where they are gifted! That takes the joy out of serving, out of loving. We instantly feel guilt and shame when we are about to say no to doing something good, so we say yes…even though we know that means letting other priorities go, and even though we know that we aren’t excited about doing this task and we can’t see how this is what is good and right for YOU (but that’s a selfish way to think, so you better just shut up and get stuff done!).

When are we going to be brave enough to say no?! That’s not my gift. That’s not my calling. I am aligning myself with Christ, and I am able to hear his voice. I don’t feel drawn to do that. I feel like I am fake when I am in that place. That’s not even a healthy place for me to be, so I have to say no. I know that I would be doing that for all of the wrong reasons…mostly because people expect me to, and they unknowingly place guilt on me for saying no.

Maybe there’s a better way of living. What if we would all just say yes to those things that excite us? That fill us with joy, and things we long to do? What if that wasn’t selfish? But that is really following what God has for us. What if what you want is…GOOD? Not bad, not selfish, not terrible, not vain. But good. What if what you love to do aligns with the way that God wants you to serve, and love on other people?

Maybe this didn’t say much of anything. A lot of questions. A lot of random, incomplete thoughts. But I hope it meant something to somebody. It means a lot to me. Think about it. What does God have for YOU? Is it loving people in the church, by serving them, helping people, etc.? If so, that’s great! But…aren’t there other ways of serving and loving people? How do your spiritual gifts affect your service and love? Are you using them? Think about it 🙂


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