Inspired by… {Psalm 23}


The Lord is the one who constantly takes care of me. He looks for me when I am lost. He always finds me. He heals every infliction; He lovingly meets every need; He knows my desires. He brings me to such a beautiful, wonderful place! I have never before seen so much beauty. This, is where my soul may rest. There is no more striving for approval, affection, love, or anything else. There simply is, God. And He has chosen me, as worthy, cherished, deserving of love. He retells my story to me, this time from his point of view. He gives me names for myself, that I have never dared hope could describe me. He lavishes peace, no, Shalom, on my weary and broken heart.

He gently reminds me of my broken past. Times when I felt so low. I couldn’t see him there. The familiar embarrassment of guilt quickly creeped up my face, with its best friend shame not far behind. The Lord looked at this guilt and shame, and didn’t turn his head. He sat beside me. Silence never felt so strengthening, loving. Soon, He turned and looked at me. He spoke words of comfort, gently reminding me that He had never left my side, and He never will.

I greatly look forward to this future that you tell me about. You have given me so much, and poured so much love into me, I can’t handle it. I cannot keep it to myself. This love that you have shared with me easily flows onto those around me. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been. I see now that I am stronger because of it…and I have never been alone the whole time. These things overwhelm my soul, and fill it to the brim. I am beyond grateful to the Lord who has filled my soul, and promises of greater things to come.

{Psalm 23}